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With prices reaching for the skies these days, I get seriously excited when I find new uses for affordable everyday products in my home. Petroleum Jelly has been in my life since forever and it is actually a super useful thing to add to your beauty kit. When I browsed the web I found all sorts of nifty tips for using good ‘ol PJ, so I decided to share a few of my favourites.

Here are my top 10 beauty hacks using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, tried and tested.

1. Prevent stained nails when applying self-tan

Apply petroleum jelly to your finger and toe nails to prevent the colour from staining them yellow. This is a neat trick I picked up during a salon visit and it works a charm.

2. Treat dry cuticles and heels

I often find that even the thickest creams just don’t cut it when it comes to super dry cuticles or crusty heels (yuck!). A little PJ on those super dry spots helps to soften my skin again. It also works on a dry nose that has been worn through with tissues.

3. Make a scrub

You can turn your PJ into a scrub by mixing it with some sugar. I like to combine about a tablespoon with a teaspoon sugar. Rub it all over your hands and feet, wipe off the excess petroleum jelly and then you can rinse off any remaining sugar granules. Since the Vaseline is water-resistant it won’t wash off with water alone so I wouldn’t use it all over my body – it could take ages to get it all off.

4. Use it as a makeup remover

This actually works! Apply about 1 teaspoon of PJ to a dry face and work it into your makeup to loosen the product. I found it is particularly effective at taking off eye-makeup and mascara. Once all the makeup has dissolved into the oil you can wipe it off with dry cotton pads. If you want to then cleanse too you can apply your face wash directly to a your dry face, work it into the petroleum jelly and finally rinse off.

5. Tame your eyebrows

Use a little Vaseline on your eyebrows and comb or wipe them up to give shape.

6. Highlight your cheekbones

Lightly dab some petroleum jelly to your cheekbones to give them a glossy highlight. This is a classic trick on the runways and I love it.

7. Create a tinted lip and cheek balm

Mix your favourite bright lipstick with a little petroleum jelly to create a tinted lip balm and a blusher. This is a neat move if you’re stuck without any makeup and you just need a touch of colour, and it is a great way to get more from that intense night-out lippy.

8. Prevent nosebleeds

This is a tip I got from a doctor. If the inside of your nose gets very dry you run the risk of nosebleeds. Rubbing a bit of petroleum jelly into your nostrils will help moisten the layer.


9. Thicken your moisturizer

Petroleum jelly is effective at preventing moisture loss through your skin. Mix it into body moisturizers for more intense TLC – this way you also dilute the PJ so that it isn’t very heavy and sticky on your skin.

10. Prevent nail polish bottles from getting stuck

Rub a bit of PJ on the rims of your nail polish bottles to prevent them from cementing shut. It definitely beats opening your favourite shade with your teeth. Yes, we’ve all done it.

I hope you found these tips useful! You can get Vaseline Petroleum Jelly from R9 for 50ml to R36 for 450ml.

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