Stop everything you're doing, The 1975 has a new album on the way
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Pop rock stars, The 1975, released their brand new album at the end of November. This Mancunian band is best known for hits like ‘Chocolate’, ‘Sex’, ‘Somebody Else’ and ‘The Sound’. Their first album, The 1975 was released in 2013, followed by I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It in 2016, and A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships, just dropped.

Finally! Here are the highlights

The 1975 frontman, Matt Healy, has on numerous occasions identified their influences as the emo music we used to love in the early 2000s, as well The Streets. No, not the literal streets, what he is actually referring to is Mike Skinner, a rapper known as The Streets.

Healy told Rolling Stone magazine in 2016 that The Streets was somebody writing about a pretty much middle-class scene of people who were within a world of the garage scene: They were the ones that wanted to stay inside and smoke weed.’ With ‘A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships’ Healy steps into the political scene by not being afraid to comment on our new post-truth reality. The first five singles released of the album are: ‘Give Yourself a Try’, ‘TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME’, ‘Love it if We Made it’, ‘Sincerity is Scary’ and ‘It’s Not Living (If It’s Not Living With You)’.

Sincerity is Scary’ is a slow, tender reflection on modern communication, with phrases like ‘You try and mask your pain in the most postmodern way | It’s just a self-referential way that stops you having to be human’ and ‘I’m sure that you’re not just another girl | I’m sure that you’re gonna say that I was sexist’ heard over piano and horns, firmly establishing the album in our familiar, modern take on relationships.

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Taking it one step further, The 1975, really delves into the impact of social media on our relationships with ‘TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME’. The song investigates missed phone calls, suspicious text messages and Instagram likes, all while singing in Auto-tune. Lyrics such as ‘She said that I, I should have liked it | I told her “I only use it sometimes” | Except when I, I need reminding | I’m petrified (I’m petrified)’ is so relatable that it is actually a bit scary

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Of all five singles released, ‘Love it if we made it’ is probably the most bizarre, inquisitive and referential. The track, which is a lot more explicit than anything else on the album, is perfectly described by as a song that ‘looks outward at society and its endless fuckery’.

The song is filled with several pop culture references, political overtures and some sociological theory. Living in the post-truth era as we are, the song at its core, embodies its ‘Modernity has failed us’ bridge. Some of the other lyrics include reference to the death of 3-year-old Syrian refugee Alan Kurdi, the accidental overdose of Lil’ Peep, and even two quotes from US president Donald Trump.

The first of these quotes is ‘I moved on her like a bitch’ which originates from a 2005 recording with Billy Bush where Trump bragged about his sexual prowess. The second lyric is a direct quote from the President’s Twitter. ‘Thank you Kanye, very cool!’ was a Twitter response to one of the hip-hop star’s many endorsements.

For more info on the lyrics, have a look at this video that features Healy himself:

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