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The festive season brings a time of unwinding and relaxing, time to reflect on the year gone by and soak up every good thing, which is any bath time enthusiast’s dream.

This gift guide is ideal for someone who enjoys the simpler things in life. I’ve chosen a planter basket, bathrobe, hand wash, a soy candle, a cotton towel, and a cleanse and shaving gel for my gift guide. These items were selected to elevate the whole bath time experience, adding luxury to the ordinary with silky soft fabrics, eye-catching designs and calming fragrances, making it extra special for any bath time enthusiast. 

Mia Melangé Planter Basket


Nothing brightens up a bathroom like natural light and leafy green plants. Chances are that the bath time enthusiast (read millennial) in your life already has a great selection of plants, which makes a planter basket the perfect gift. They add a soft touch to any room and can even be used to store their undoubtedly extensive range of skincare products.

9Lives | Gift guide for a bath time enthusiast

Cotton Company Bath Towel


Nothing is as lush as getting out of a warm bath and wrapping yourself in a soft cotton towel. If your bath time enthusiast friend is anything like me, they will enjoy extended amounts of time just sitting in their towel after a bath or shower, when really they should be getting ready for that event that they’re already late for. So why not spoil them with a cotton towel and let them enjoy these little pleasures in life?

9Lives | Gift guide for a bath time enthusiast

Melissa Louise Scented Soy Candle


Candles and bath time go hand in hand. Not only do they create a warm atmosphere, but they smell incredible too! The Melissa Lousie candles are made from soy wax and all-natural ingredients which are safe for the skin, making them great to use for massages or any dry areas. Treat someone special with some aromatherapy this festive season. 

9Lives | Gift guide for a bath time enthusiast

Carrol Boyes Ethereal Hand Wash


If you’re going to be spending extended amounts of time in the bathroom, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing. The Carrol Boyes Ethereal hand wash and lotion come in the most beautiful dispensers. This will add an elegant touch to the whole bathroom, with the sleek black and white design. The best part about this as a gift is that the dispensers are reusable, which means that they can be refilled with any products of your choice.

9Lives | Gift guide for a bath time enthusiast

Optiphi Body Cleanse + Shave


It’s summer, which means that everyone is busting out their razors again. Optiphi’s Body Cleanse + Shave is the perfect product to make the process as seamless as possible. This product is mostly aimed at men, because it is a cleanser and shaving gel all in one, but since it is fragrance-free and can be used all over the body, it’s perfect for anyone! We do love a versatile little two in one. 

9Lives | Gift guide for a bath time enthusiast

Poetry Bathrobe


You know that feeling when you shave your legs and crawl into bed with fresh sheets? Imagine that, but you can walk around with it. This is why the bath time enthusiast in your life needs a silky robe like this one from Poetry. From wearing it to bed or while applying their make-up, it will quickly become their new favourite piece. 

9Lives | Gift guide for a bath time enthusiast

Make the small moments memorable by adding little bits of luxury to ordinary parts of life. Which of these will you be getting to spoil the bath time enthusiast in your life? 

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