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For real though, I’m the biggest fan of Christmas time. It could be the South African summer, the nostalgic thought of Canadian white Christmases, the family time or just the fact that it’s a holiday that gets me so excited. 

I have quite a big family so shopping for presents has always been a struggle; I usually put too much pressure on myself to get that “perfect” gift. This year I made a decision to try and live a more eco-friendly, healthy, meaningful life with more  focus on my wellbeing. This also includes supporting smaller, local brands when shopping.

So I bring you a gift guide to make Christmas shopping a bit easier to all ya’ll peeps who, like me, get mini panic attacks about Christmas gift shopping.    

Sport Bra from Esjay Sport 


Esjay sports is a local sport brand whose theory of “if you look good, you feel good, and ultimately, you train good” is evident in their fun prints and the comfortable fit of their clothes.

Although their main focus is on women’s clothing, they also have a toddler and men’s range. All their collections have a meaning behind them that encourages us to live purposefully and to focus on our wellbeing.

 The for her. sport bra featured is one of my favourites. The bra print was designed by Katherine Grace Hall, and was designed using the faces of a few of the women who have fallen victim to gender-based violence in our country.All the profits from this range goes to two organisations who care for and support abused and violated women in their communities. With a heavy year regarding gender-based violence in our country, I think this is an amazing campaign and a brand worth the support of all.

The range for her. sells out fast, but they do have many more items and ranges to choose from.

You can read their blog post explaining the for her. range here:

Diffusers from Ukuthula Home

R350 / R500, order via Ukuthula Home Facebook or Instagram

This one is right on the wellness track of my conscious living year.

Diffusers disperse essential oils as a fine vapour throughout the air which is then absorbed into the body through the respiratory system. The aromas prompt the nervous system to transmit signals to the limbic system in the brain that contains emotion and memory.

Ukuthula Home is a local brand started by two sisters who want to share their love for bespoke goods and tranquil spaces with others. The diffusers’ aesthetics work well in any space, and you can use absolutely any essential oil in the diffuser, be it citronella to keep away insects or lemongrass to calm you after a stressful day!

 You can learn more about Ukuthula Home on their Facebook page:

Shampoo Bars from Zero Bar 


The Zero Waste bar is a proudly South African water free, plastic free and cruelty free bar that exists of only locally sourced ingredients. The small bar lasts between 55 and 70 washes, making it well worth its price, and it is also the perfect travel size.

The Zero bar includes all the qualities of moisturizing, conditioning, shining , strengthening, nourishing, soothing and repairing than any normal “fuck the turtles” shampoo bottle has.

Ecoffee Cup 

R212  for a 340ml cup,

The facts about single-use products are horrific enough to make anyone rethink their use in the present day. In three short decades an estimated 2 trillion single-use cups have ended up in landfills, and 4 billion trees are used in paper industries. These are just some of the many facts that make me sick to my stomach.  

Ecoffee Cups are reusable coffee cups made from bamboo fibre the world’s fastest growing, most sustainable crop. It is also  BPA and phthalate free.

Staying with the eco-friendly theme, this is the perfect gift for the coffee lovers and eco-warriors alike, is dishwasher safe and is a product that should last for years.

Plus most coffee shops give discounts for bringing your own cup. 

Cards Against Humanity


So this one is thrown into my gift guide as a bit of a wildcard (personally I think this could fall into the wellness category, because who doesn’t feel great after a good ROFL).

This game is exactly what its slogan says – A party game for horrible people. It can bring out the dirty in even the purest of minds. FUN.

Cards Against Humanity is a very easy game and a good ice-breaker when having new people over. The older I get, the more I’m enjoy card games again; it’s a fun way to bond with friends, great for any weather occasion and better than just staring at a TV screen. An all round winner in my books. 




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