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I come from a family which absolutely adores giving gifts, sometimes even more than receiving them. Therefore, I’ve always put more thought into picking gifts for family members than thinking about what I actually want to receive.

This year we are going to have a more low-key Christmas with less family members being present, which makes gift-shopping a whole lot easier for a change. And this year, I have an actual wishlist for the first time.

My gift guide was inspired by everything I’ve always seen in local shops and then walked by thinking,“Hmm, maybe I’ll afford it one day”. I love supporting local entrepreneurs, and Stellenbosch is filled with some of my favourite designers.

So without further ado, here’s my gift guide filled with local spoils.

Freedom of Movement Sunglass Case for the summer social calendar

R250, Freedom of Movement

I have to be honest with this one. I’m excellent at either losing or breaking sunglasses. And it’s becoming quite an expensive hobby.

The proudly South African FOM brand has been around since 2013, kitting both men and women with the most stylish leather accessories. With their Premium Leather Sunglass Case, I can avoid having to buy a new pair of sunglasses for every social event. This will probably be the first thing I throw in my handbag for the whole duration of the summer. Plus, how gorgeous is that leather?

local gifts sunglass caseA Syngonium plant – Because plants!

Ranging from R130 – Flowers in the Foyer

I have an unhealthy obsession with buying plants and watering them first thing in the morning, with a coffee in hand. I can’t always keep them alive, but losing one of them legit feels like losing a family member. My collection ranges from herbs and veggies, to spekboom and succulents of all shapes and sizes. But there’s always room for more!

My newest addition will definitely be something along the lines of a Syngonium, also known as an African Evergreen. They can grow up to 20m in trees, or just lazily vine down from a pot inside the living room. Also, I’m slightly obsessed with the colour of the leaves.

local gifts plantsMia Mélange Cylinder Basket Greenery – Because (more) plants!

R460, Mia Mélange

The only thing better than buying plants is putting them in these pretty planters from Mia Mélange. I moved into a new house recently and made it my personal mission to plantify our new posse.

Using only the best local materials, the attention to detail on these handcrafted products are jaw-dropping. Move along pots – the Cylinder baskets from Mia Mélange will be the new showstoppers in my living room.

local gifts planterPottery from Wonki Ware got you feeling like a real adult

Find something you like at Wonki Ware or Poetry

If you get me Wonki Ware for Christmas, I solemnly swear to invite you for fancy dinner parties at my house.

This local brand from the Garden Route stole my heart the day I first walked into the Wonki Ware headquarters in George a few years ago, and I still visit them regularly. From dinner sets to coffee mugs and cookware, my ultimate dream is to make my kitchen a Wonki Ware paradise.

local gifts Wonki WareFeeling pretty with a Bird named Frank

R370, A Bird named Frank

When I was younger, I wasn’t very into wearing jewellery. I went through phases where I would wear earrings for a few months and then suddenly decide that it didn’t suit me. But that’s about it. I think up to date I’ve only owned one necklace and no bracelets (I sneakily regifted the ones I received, sorry).

This was only until recently when I started to adore pretty things, while still finding a way to keep it subtle. I started collecting a few pieces that I knew are timeless and unique. So when I stumbled upon this unique brass and silver necklace from A Bird named Frank in Mungo and Jemima in Stellenbosch one afternoon, I knew I had to have it.

local gifts jewellery

Earrings from Lorne

R400, Lorne, also available at Mungo and Jemima

These gold plated beauties had me at first sight! Like the rest of their pieces, these earrings are a one of a kind design that will take your outfit from nay to yay in no time for any event. If you simply can’t choose (it’s hard I know) you can even buy your loved ones a gift voucher from their website. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going Christmas shopping for myself right now.

local gifts jewelleryWhat’s on your Christmas wishlist this year? Tell us in the comments below!


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