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This Christmas I’m opting for a very stylish one, treating myself and loved ones to pretty, lavish and fashionable gifts. As I’ve recently moved into my first house, I was tempted to make this guide homeware only, but since, like Rome, my house won’t be built in one day, my collection of cute ceramics and pots and pans will be added to throughout the course of the year. And so I’ve included in my gift guide gifts that I think will serve as the necessary pick-me-up before the ensuing expensive months still to come. 

Stackable necklaces from Noor by Madré

R250 – R450, noorcollection.co.za

gift guide-Stackable necklaces from Noor by Madré

Noor by Madré’s collection of simple and elegant necklaces have always caught my eye on Instagram. Describing themselves as providing “jewellery for effortless style”, I knew their brand would fit my aesthetic perfectly. Their necklaces are sold with various chain lengths and therefore stack beautifully to create a layered effect. Their engravable disc necklace is a fantastic holiday gift as you can customise it with a personal message to a loved one. Then again, you can also engrave it with a significant date or remembrance and gift it to yourself.

Soft leather shopper bag from Luthii Leather

R850, Malaki Second Chances or visit their Facebook page

Soft leather shopper bag from Luthii Leather

Buying a proper leather bag is a very good investment if you are, like me, prone to overloading and carrying around way more than is required. While there are many shapes and styles of leather bags available, I like this particular one by Luthii leather since it is a very soft leather and therefore very comfortable and light to carry around. 

Cat-Eye sunglasses from HelloBril

R1290, brilonline.co.za or in store

Cat-Eye sunglasses from HelloBril

Now this is a statement pair of sunglasses if I’ve ever seen one. The cat-eye style has been born and reborn since the 1930s and has now become a timeless shape in sunglass styles. HelloBril’s version is sturdy, fits well around my face, and offers the necessary protection against the sun’s damaging rays. It’s also the perfect way of communicating “I’ve got my shit together” when you’re actually still reeling from the fact that your two week Christmas holiday passed by in a blink of an eye. 

Lucky Cats scarf from Good Clothing

R1200, mungoandjemima.com

Lucky Cats scarf from Good Clothing

The only thing I love more than real cats is wearing them on my apparel. This scarf by Good Clothing adds a fun element to your normal summer scarf. Available in pretty pinks or blue and green, it can be styled in a multitude of ways. If you, or someone you know, aren’t that fond of wearing scarves around your neck, tie them to the strap of a handbag or add it as a hair accessory. A thoughtful gift to cat and style lovers alike. 

White Tea Vanilla Orchid fragrance by Elizabeth Arden

R575, edgars.co.za

gift guide-White Tea Vanilla Orchid fragrance by Elizabeth Arden

Perfume is arguably the most cliché yet well-loved gift of all. Elizabeth Arden’s fragrance line, White Tea, recently added a new scent called Vanilla Orchid. As its name suggests, the scent is vanilla infused with bright hints of lemon and base notes of amberwood and musk. To me it evokes that feeling of warmth, cosiness, and comfort (might I suggest that it smells like Christmas?). It would suit anyone who is a lover and collector of signature scents.  

Tatouage Couture Matte Stain by YSL

R850, amazon.com

Tatouage Couture Matte Stain by YSL

Nothing shouts “confidence!” louder than a bright red lip. Unfortunately, nothing shouts “hot mess” louder than awkward lipstick stains on your teeth and chin. That’s why the Tatouage Couture Matte Stain by YSL is my favourite red lip accessory, beating out most, if not all, other red lipsticks I’ve ever tried out. Unfortunately, the price is also significantly heftier, however, if this is the only beauty product I purchase in 2020, it would be worth it. It applies effortlessly and stays put even after a bagel and large cappuccino. The applicator is also engravable which allows for an added personal touch if you wish to gift this to a significant other. 


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