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On a rainy Tuesday afternoon, we exchanged the Winelands for Cape Town CBD. We headed into town for a quick lunch so we could get out before the traffic hit. Little did we know that winter Tuesdays in Cape Town is quite a desolate situation. A lot of the establishments closes on either Monday or Tuesday for a much-needed break. The good news is that it gave us the opportunity to try two brand new places on Cape Town’s Kloof Street.

So, first up we headed to 117Kloof. If you are a Kloof Street regular, you’ll know the very popular YOURSTRULY (that also has a branch in Loop Street). They are the brains behind this beautiful new space in Kloof Street where an old automotive workshop used to be. The result is a lush mix between a nursery, coffee hatch and antique store.

At the centre of the warehouse-like space, is a huge 10m long table where they host special dining evenings, but you will also soon be able to book out the entire venue. With the high ceilings, exposed beams, antiques and collection of different potted plants, these elements all lend a pleasant rustic charm to this upcycled space.

The coffee hatch sells Deluxe coffee and some croissants, while you can purchase some of their plants, as well as some antique collector’s items, and gorgeous rugs indoors! If you are ever in the neighbourhood, this charming spot is most definitely worth a visit.

Unfiltered Eighteen on Kloof
In a time when it seems that all the restaurant descriptions seem to say ‘unpretentious’, I’m happy to report that that Unfiltered is truly unpretentious. This Italian café doubles up as a beerhouse and is situated in lower Kloof where Bardelli’s used to be.

This uncomplicated space focuses on dude-food accompanied by a few beers that they have on tap. The restaurant still has some space for growth and is a great space for after-work beers with some Italian-style snacks. Their prices are mid-range and we look forward to seeing them expand their beer menu in the future.
We tried the 5-seasons-in-1-day cauli-base pizza which is a great low-carb or gluten-free option. As far as gluten-free bases go, they can be quite terrible but this one is definitely worth a go. We also had a go at the Unfiltered cheeseburger and their deep-fried hake which are both great options for a quick lunch and beer.




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