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As most of you know by now, I fell in love with the Robertson Wine Valley. So it just feels right to have a romantic weekend away for two in the Valley. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with more than just the Robertson Wine Valley. 

If you need a weekend away with your loved one filled with good wine and food, beautiful views and some much needed relaxation, then add these Robertson Wine Valley gems to your list and get that Huguenot tunnel song ready. 

1. Have drinks at Mont Blois Wine Estate

Overlooking the beautiful Langeberg Mountains, the charming old silo that lies a stone’s throw from the homestead is transformed into a tasting room. Here you will be greeted by winemaker, Nina-Mari Bruwer and just like that be transformed into your very own fairytale. 

Start off with the Kweekkamp Chardonnay 2016. This stylish wine delivers subtle structure, defined citrus notes, and a crisp acidity that is beautifully balanced by fruit flavours of peaches and apricots.

After you sipped away on the beautiful Kweekkamp Chardonnay, you should try the Groot Steen Chenin Blanc. This wine is a full-bodied white wine with spicy citrus flavours with hints of cinnamon, pistachio, pecan nut and almond.

If you want to experience Mont Blois’ exceptional range of white wines you can and should make an appointment to visit the farm.  Anyone can go, tastings are free, and honestly, there’s no better way to start your weekend away than enjoying a glass of  wine from winemaker, Nina-Mari Bruwer. 

Mont Blois

2. Sit down for lunch at Lady Grey Restaurant at Lord’s Guest House

It’s hard to believe that just behind the mountain, the charming and picturesque little town of McGregor looks like the set of a romantic comedy. . First things first, pay owner and winemaker, Jacie Oosthuizen and his family a visit at the Lords Wines tasting room and enjoy a glass of ‘Netflix’ Chardonnay with butterscotch popcorn notes. 

After sipping on one of my favourite Chardonnay’s, drive up the hill to the scenic Lords Guest House. Here you will be met with the most breathtaking view imaginable. With the secluded Langeberg Mountain Range embracing you from all around, sit down and enjoy a hearty lunch experience paired with the finest of Western Cape wines at the Lady Grey Restaurant.

Lords Winery

3. Blend your own wine at Zandvliet Wine Estate

Ever aspired to be a winemaker yourself? Well at Zandvliet Wine Estate you can be in the shoes of a winemaker for a while.

This experience starts with tasting three of their red wines. After the sampling you will decide which combination of the three you like and then create your own blend! You will need to carefully measure out the percentages of wine before bottling. Then you can start with corking and sealing, ending with labeling your own unique blend.

4. Underground experience at Esona

Imagine a beautiful setting in an underground tasting room filled with candlelight. With beautiful music accompanying the delicious wines of Esona. Sounds perfect for a romantic weekend for two. 

Esona offers a multi-sensorial underground tasting as music and food is paired with wine with artwork hanging around you from local artists. This tasting makes use of Riedel glasses and will teach you the importance of using the right glass when drinking wine and that it really makes a difference in the taste of wine if it’s poured in the right glass.

In addition to the Riedel glasses tasting, another element is introduced in this tasting experience. A pairing with Lindt chocolate and fruit preserves and music to match the wine. Our round of Sauvignon Blanc was enjoyed with light, classical music, while the Shiraz had country music as its soundtrack.

Esona Underground Experience

5. Have a spa day at theLAB 

TheLAB is the place where nature meets tech. At theLAB You’ve just woken up after a great night sipping craft beers on their deck overlooking the pool. The first thing you do is open the blinds to greet the beautiful view from your room, put on the coffee machine and flip on the lights. All without leaving your bed. You can experience this “year 3000” accommodation and technology at theLAB, situated  just outside Robertson. Just a friendly tip from one very Afrikaans girl, practice your English beforehand, because poor Echo sometimes struggles to understand the Afrikaans accent. 

TheLAB is also a place to relax. The wellness centre has a jacuzzi and sauna, and they offer a variety of treatments, from manicures to massages. You can enjoy the all-inclusive couples spa package, which takes place in a cosy treatment room.

After all the relaxation, you can hop on an electric bike for some local adventure to explore the surrounding areas!

TheLAB Robertson


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