About Me

Hey, I’m Liezel. I am a lifestyle blogger from Cape Town trying to make the most of my one life, and by sharing my experiences I hope to help you do the same. I am passionate about finding the best ways for us to spend our time, to take care of our bodies and to express ourselves.

After starting my journey in the magazine industry, I decided to move my voice online where I could build a strong, connected community.

I started 9Lives as a place where I could share discoveries and adventures but more importantly help people find the best ways to spend their time and money. I have committed to writing honest reviews based on personal experiences and I won’t endorse a place or product that I don’t believe in.

Most of the products I review have been sent to me, and most of the restaurants and travel destinations are invites. Please know that this does not ensure them a positive review at all. I will still comment on quality, value and any points I find they can improve on. My goal is not to sell you something but rather to give you all the info I have so that you can make up your own mind.

Since I am a business I do work with brands on sponsored posts, and in these cases I will mention the advertisement at the bottom of the article. Even when it is a sponsored post I will try to give you interesting, valuable information that will hopefully benefit your life.

I hope you enjoy this little nook I have created, it is really here for you. If there is anything you want more (or less) of, please let me know. You can always pop me a mail at sayhello@9lives.co.za. I would love to hear from you!

xxx Liezel