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Sometime last year the opportunity to do Adventure Bootcamp crossed my path. I immediately dismissed the thought, it sounded too hard. But for some reason about four weeks ago, I saw a Facebook ad about the very same Adventure Bootcamp hosted right across from my apartment. I did something crazy and decided to sign up!

*Side note: Everyone immediately asked me if I was trying to lose weight and maybe that was at the back of my mind, but if I’ve done anything right this last month before getting married, it is looking after myself and training hard to deal with the extra stress.

Is it like 90s Tae Kwon Do or are we talking Crossfit here?

Every morning at 5am I get up, pick out running shoes, grab my weights and head to camp. No, you don’t have to get up crazy early, I just like to get my exercise in before the day kicks off. In Stellenbosch, you have the option to also join the 08:00 class, 16:30 class or 17:45 class.

Stellenbosch is also not the only city or town where you can attend this women-only fitness camp. In the Western Cape alone you have the option of forming part of classes based in Cape Town, Paarl, Somerset West and Hermanus.

Back to the classes themselves, the week schedule usually looks as follows and includes elements of boxing, pilates, HIIT and more:
Monday – Full body
Tuesday – Upper body
Wednesday – Lower body and cardio
Thursday – Full body
Friday – Arms and abs

You are required to bring your own exercise mat and weights (between 1kg and 3kg – your choice) which we use nearly every day. The women in the class vary in fitness, and the exercises are mostly time-based, so you do as many rounds as you are capable of.

They have different types of camps throughout the year and I joined the 4-week camp that ranged from 11 February to 3 March. Week 1 is definitely an intro week after which the intensity builds exponentially, and I burned between 250 and 560 calories in an hour every morning.

Sold! Sign me up

I was quite impressed by the site. It is comprehensive and easy to navigate. You simply register and sign in to book your first camp. You are able to pay via EFT, Snapscan, card or debit order and the most expensive package, which allows you to attend unlimited sessions throughout the period, is priced at R590 for the four weeks.

I travel often, and therefore I also have the option of activating my flexi’s on the site, meaning I can go join any of these other camps. In the Camper Zone (accessed through your login information) you can upload your measurements and assessments and keep track of them from one camp to the next.

They also provide an unrestrictive meal plan, aimed at aiding you in your goals whether they are weight loss, maintenance or weight gain related. What is probably one of my favourite features is the fact that you still earn your Momentum Active Dayz, as Adventure Bootcamps is affiliated with the medical aid Momentum, as well as Discovery.

But did you survive, though?

I have to say it was a bit hard at first. I also decided to go in with full force, which means I immediately started the eating plan as well as the classes. I was always told to avoid eating fruit (what an old wives’ tale!) and at first I was quite sceptical of eating up to four smallish fruits a day. The reality is that unless you replenish your body with ‘good carbs’, you will get extremely tired as your body does need fuel to run on.

By week two I wasn’t as tired and I began to establish my routine. At camp, you also start putting faces to names and therefore it feels a bit like a nice friend circle when you see these women. I started having some trouble with my knees by the third week, but could luckily ask the trainer how to strengthen and treat it.

Have I just signed up for my next camp? Hell yeah!
Would I recommend it to someone else? Definitely!


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