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Assuming you’ve heard the term before, but don’t actually know what it means, Agritourism is a relatively new concept that combines the traditional aspects of being a tourist with farm life. Here’s the thing: I studied Animal Science, and actually got my degree in it. So, chasing cows through a field? Been there, done that. Luckily, Agritourism is an amazing and growing phenomenon that has spread over pretty much the entire country with so many more amazing experiences than simply helping out with day-to-day farm duties. If you feel you need an adventure, and possibly get a little sweaty in the process, maybe becoming an “agritourist” is right up your alley.

Every farming activity from milking cows and harvesting crops, to game viewing and birding is included in Agritourism. In fact, so is biking, hiking and fishing, provided the farm’s resources are used for the activity. Sounds cool, right? Here’s the catch: it has to be a working farm to fall under the “Agritourism” category.

Become an agritourist in the Western Cape

The Rooibos Route

Set in Clanwilliam, is the Rooibos Route where sisters Sanet and Marietjie take visitors through a tour of the planting and harvesting process of Rooibos. Turns out, Rooibos only grows in a 150 km radius around Clanwilliam. With harvesting season in February, this is the perfect place to stop in for a spot of tea-tasting, some Rooibos treats or some great Rooibos infused dishes and drinks. If the day’s activity has you exhausted, then a stop at a Rooibos farm or guesthouse is perfect idea.

Keen to learn the history of your cup? Check out rooibos-route.co.za


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Honeywood farm

Honeywood, a working honey farm that borders the Grootvaderbosch Nature Reserve, has been around since 1817. With a range of accommodation, from pastoral cottages to a beautiful little campsite, Honeywood offers everything from hiking, mountain biking and horse riding, to swimming pools and rivers.

To learn more about about this historic working honey farm, or to book your cabin, visit honeywoodfarm.co.za


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Numbi Valley Permaculture Farm

Nestled in a Klein Karoo valley, 12 km from De Rust within view of the majestic Swartberg Mountains, the Numbi Valley Permaculture Farm is a small scale organic farming.. The refurbished labourer cottages runs off solar power, and there is also a plunge pool, and outdoor fireplace available, and refreshing herbal outdoor cob fire baths can be arranged. For the past 12 years, Numbi Valley permaculture farm has been producing the likes of olive oil, honey, fruit and veggies, with no fresher fruit and veggies than those you can pick outside of the cottage’s back door..

For more information on this tranquil getaway, visit numbivalley.webs.com


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Foxenburg Estate

Recognised as a priority biodiversity site, Foxenburg Estate aims to creating a clean, pollutant free environment for their people and animals. Anyone with a love for nature will appreciate the beautiful scenery and commitment to conservancy, with “catch and release” fishing, hiking, mountain biking and birding offered on this farm. Visitors can watch the herd of Swiss Saanen and British Alpine goats being milked in the dairy, and children can even help bottle feed baby kids. Foxenburg also offers artisanal goat cheese, extra virgin olive oil and organic table olives that visitors can help prune and pick during the harvest season.

To book one of their five furnished self catering cottages, visit foxenburg.co.za


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How Agritourism is helping South African farmers

Agritourism South Africa is a non-profit organisation that aims to focus on farm experiences for tourists across SA, encouraging them to visit farms as part of their excursions. The aim is to help farmers and agricultural workers to earn a little extra money and expand on their businesses through Agritourism.

For more on this really cool, local project and countless other farms around the country, check out agritourismsouthafrica.com


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