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Okay, hear me out. I think we are in the most exciting phase of the superhero zeitgeist yet, and Jupiter’s Legacy that releases on Netflix today is yet another addition to this popular genre. Love it or hate it, superhero action films are most likely the epitome of entertainment in the twenty-first century and we’ve been overdue for disruption.

Back in April of 2019, Avengers: Endgame signaled the end of Marvel’s third phase with a blockbuster film bigger than anything we’ve ever seen before. Loads of A-listers joined the cast and superheroes were hailed as superheroes, as we traditionally know them – aspirational, beyond reprise and mostly indestructible.

Fast forward to today and Marvel is not the only kid on the block anymore. The Justice League Jack Snyder cut was just released (definitely worth the watch, by the way) taking a step towards the arthouse superhero film. On the other hand, series like The Boys and Preacher opened discussions around the morality of superheroes, digging deeper than just the superhuman strength and extreme attractiveness to the underlying questions on just exactly how much power is allowed a person of enhanced abilities.

Jupiter’s Legacy, a product of Millarworld, joins these discussions head-on by creating a world, similar to ours, where superheroes operate according to a code. This code deems that superheroes are not allowed to kill and destroy or take justice into their own hands in any manner. They are there to merely facilitate and de-arm, stop natural disasters and (in Utopian’s case) live as a farmer. Cool premise, right?

Josh Duhamel stars in Jupiter’s Legacy that releases on Netflix today, and it’s like you’ve never seen him before. He plays the Utopian (a Superman, Captain America-like figure) that struggles with a changing world that continues to question his morality and the code he created. The story runs in parallel, splitting between the current day and the early 1900’s when the superheroes were created. The series can feel slow at times, but stick with it.

With all these new and interesting takes on the superhero world, it’ll be interesting to see where Marvels’ fourth phase is heading.


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