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Amazon Prime Video’s Forever dropped mid-September and was almost instantaneously dubbed as this year’s best-kept TV secret. Early reviews urged you to not read any reviews, but to experience the series unmarred by outsider opinions.

So what’s it about

Well, I’m not gonna tell you. No, seriously, go ahead and watch it. What I will say, though, is that it is a view on a “normal” marriage that no other television series (that I know of) has taken before. The series is filled with unexpected left turns and the show’s premise and genre shifts more than once.


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Can you at least tell who the actors are?

Oscar and June are played by Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph, and if those two names sound familiar, it’s because they used to share the stage on SNL. The show was created by two comedy heavy weights, Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard, who have also worked on Parks and Recreation and Master of None – to name just a few.


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But will I laugh or will I cry?

TBH, a little bit of both. You are never able to clearly pin the series down as being in either the comedy, drama or even fantasy genre. I know this makes it sound a little bit like a Harold & Kumar film, but it is most definitely not.

The New York Times probably sums it up best as ‘a thrilling story of boring love’ – and that is exactly what it is! I would definitely also recommend binging the eight episodes, one after the other, as it will keep you on these two individuals’ journey and ensure that you’re nailed to the screen.

If you didn’t even know that we could stream from Amazon Prime Video in South Africa – you are not alone! I also only recently discovered that for only R85 a month, you can join in the fun. We recently did a nice write-up of some of the awesome oldie movies you can find on this platform.


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