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One sunny morning in the office, myself, Elené and Daniel drove through to the city for a mid-morning meeting. But you don’t just go to the city for a meeting and not experience what the bustling Cape Town metropolis has to offer. And that is exactly what we did. 

We started with a much needed beer at the Gigi Rooftop Bar located at the new Gorgeous George Hotel and ended with a lunch at FYN restaurant before we headed back home. 

Feeling gorgeous at Gigi Rooftop Bar

As you walk through the doors of the Gigi Rooftop Bar you instantly feel as if you’ve escaped the city for a moment, even though you can see the beautiful cityscape as you sip an ice cold Jack Black Lager. 

The Gigi Rooftop Bar is a beautiful inner-city space with an interior that screams safari as if you’re on the lookout for Tarzan, or even George of the Jungle for that matter. 

The new restaurant and bar is situated on the sixth floor with a swimming pool and outdoor bar area that makes this perfect for a warm day in the city. 

The Gigi Rooftop Bar is open to the public from 7:30 am until late. This is the perfect place for an idyllic escape from a day at the office – from sunrise to sunset. 

FYN Restaurant

Fine dining at FYN Restaurant 

That afternoon sees us sitting in a glass loft on the 5th floor overlooking the city through the big glass windows in chef Pete Tempelhoff’s new gem, FYN. This restaurant, situated in a narrow side street next to Church Square, is an open space where the kitchen and dining room are merged into one. There’s no music. Just voices, sounds and smells pouring from the open kitchen.

A Kesaki tray arrives first with canapés presented on beautiful wooden frames, pebbles and trays. We indulged in the Daikon Maki, Prawn crudo, Crab cone with avocado purée and guinea fowl Yakitori.  

The tray is perfectly balanced through the taste and texture. And is so visually appealing that you eat with your eyes way before the first bite occurs. I really appreciate the way the course was presented. It was elegant, urban and simple in presentation.

Next up I had a beautifully plated Ocean Trout with ink noodle, samphire and calamansi hollandaise for the main course. This meal is light and fresh with perfectly cooked trout. It was an explosion of Japanese tastes, flavours and textures. 

The whole menu at FYN screams “local with a Japanese twist”. With that in mind, I decided on the Bosveld pudding for dessert. The Bosveld pudding with hazelnuts, amarula and craft miso reminded me of home. It was, by far, my favourite dish of the day and left me wanting more. The Bosveld pudding was light but indulgent and the craft miso and amarula was unconventional, but oh so comforting. 

On our way home, I sat quietly for a few minutes to take in all the beauty. The beauty of exploring Cape Town and its people. If you have an appreciation for good food and beautiful places, then book a table at FYN and enjoy sundowners at the Gigi Rooftop Bar. Both places provide an experience, rather than just a meal and a few drinks.


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