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Recently, I have noticed (to my horror) the first signs of aging on my face. You know, those fine smile lines that branch around the mouth and eyes — not to mention frown lines on my forehead! In my teens and early twenties, it never crossed my mind that I should be taking anti-aging measures. I suppose I took my youthful appearance for granted! Now, the reality is that it’s reached a point where I cannot ignore the fact that I’m going to age and I need to do something about it pronto — before it’s too late!

This means cutting down on my bad habits, maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle and protecting my skin from environmental stressors that trigger aging. It means making sure I include the right products into my skincare routine, ones that will add nourishment, enhance the youthful glow and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So, here’s a rundown on the anti-aging measures I have started taking.

Kicking those nasty habits to the curb

I admit that I’m a social smoker, and recently it’s a habit that has become more and more frequent. Now, it’s no secret that smoking wreaks havoc on the skin, drying it out and speeding up the aging process. So, I decided to set myself a no-smoking challenge for two weeks. And, to my surprise, it was easier than I thought! I even extended the challenge for another month. Although I’ve had a few temptations and weak moments along the way, I’m now at the point where I don’t even feel like a ciggie anymore. So, yay for my skin!

Be healthy

For me, maintaining a healthy lifestyle comes down to feeding my body with the nutrients it needs to function optimally and maintain its youthful vitality. This means I need to make sure I have a balanced diet with enough fruits and veggies, a good source of protein, a moderate amount of good carbs sourced from whole grains, as well as omega-rich fatty acids.

Next up, I really need to exercise more. Especially because I pretty much sit in front of a computer all day. It’s just a question of fitting it into my routine, like making an effort to go to the gym before work. By kickstarting many health benefits for the body, I can then customise my exercise program to slow down my body’s aging processes. For example, I can do cardio training at different measures of intensity and then keep track of how much it affects my heart rate.

Looking after the skin

The largest organ of the body, the skin is like an absorbent sponge to so much dirt, bacteria, pollution, not to mention skin damage! So, this means the structure of the skin barrier is easily weakened and therefore loses hydration and moisture, causing fine lines and wrinkles to form. To avoid this, I’m taking the time to revamp my skincare routine to include a few anti-aging skincare products that will get me well on my way to the fountain of youth. Take a look at my best picks below.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage anti-ageing treatment boosting cleanser

R635 for 125ml, edgars.co.za

As the first step in my skincare routine, I just love giving my face a good wash. There is something so satisfying about removing the day’s grime from my face, leaving it feeling fresh and clean. And best of all, removing the build-up of make-up, dirt, bacteria and pollutants mean that my skin is happy and healthy, minimising the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

When it came to choosing a cleanser, I went for an exfoliating cleanser that could give my skin a chance to rejuvenate while still offering it the nourishment it needs. A gentle formulation of moisturising shea butter and emollients, antioxidants and mushroom extracts as well as exfoliating bamboo beads and enzymes, this anti-aging treatment boosting cleanser is just what the doctor ordered!

While I’m generally very careful about using exfoliants, as some of them are a bit harsh for my dry and sensitive skin, I found this cleanser to be both remarkably gentle and extremely effective! With a light, creamy texture, I can easily build up foam and give my face a proper wash, leaving behind little to no makeup residue. Not only did its gorgeous citrus scent make me feel fresh and revitalised, after using this cleanser for a few days my skin has never been happier and healthier.

9Lives-Elizabeth Arden Prevage anti-ageing treatment boosting cleanserPlacecol collagen reconstruct therapy

R315 for 30 ml, placecol.com

Next, on the list, I needed to target my skin concerns. With ingredients that pack a powerful punch, they work to soothe inflammation, repair cell damage, boost collagen construction and retain moisture on the skin, this treatment was my saving grace, keeping my skin hydrated and protected. After cleansing at night, I gently pat this soothing gel onto my face and afterwards, my skin always feels ever so soft and supple with a youthful glow.

9Lives-Placecol collagen reconstruct therapyEnviron Focus Care Youth+ Advanced Elixir

R1 360 for 30 ml, selected Environ Skincare stockist

Because I’m on a mission to restore my skin and give it the TLC it deserves, I decided to add this Environ Focus Care Youth+ Advanced Elixir to the mix. With Měiritage, a concoction of peptide powers to improve the structure of the skin and Chinese roots which are great for soothing sun damage and effects of pollution, this serum works to even the complexion, improves skin tone and texture, and minimises the visible signs of aging. So, all in all, it is the perfect match for my skin’s requirements. I loved how my skin soaked up its liquid gel texture and afterwards, my skin looked and felt positively radiant.

9Lives-Collection-Environ Focus Care Youth+ Advanced ElixirSkinderm anti-aging eye & lip concentrate

R320 for 15ml, perfect10hillcrest.co.za

Now, I have thin, fair skin and it’s particularly thin around the eyes. And because the skin around the eyes has less oil-secreting glands, it’s naturally drier than the rest of the face and is therefore more prone to wrinkles. Not to mention, I have permanent dark circles and puffiness around the eyes thanks to my perpetual tiredness. So, what can I do to protect the skin around my eyes? My winning answer is this Skinderm anti-ageing eye & lip concentrate. With firming and hydrating properties, this treatment is a miracle worker when it comes to improving the appearance of visible fine lines around the delicate area of my eyes and lips. Silky soft and easy to extract, Skinderm anti-ageing eye & lip concentrate has become my beauty staple to keep me “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed”.

9Lives-Skinderm anti-ageing eye & lip concentrateUltrafine Advance RCS Day Cream

R639 for 50ml, thereavine.co.za

I’m always on the lookout for a good moisturiser, and this Ultrafine Advance RCS Day Cream was top of my list. Especially because I’m also a massive fan of TheraVine products! Formulated with Diaminopropionoyl Tripeptide-33, Daisy Flower Extract and Hyaluronic Acid, this day cream packs the power punch needed to rejuvenate and protect my skin. So, yes it also ticked all my boxes, adding some much-needed moisture back into my dry skin, keeping it firm and supple, and reducing the appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles.

Not only did I instantly fall in love with its fragrant floral scent with a subtle herb undertone, but its silky soft creamy texture also absorbs easily into my skin, leaving it feeling smooth and gorgeously supple. I’ve been using this day cream religiously every morning and it’s amazing what a difference it has made to my skin. An enhanced glow to my skin is definitely all I need to start my day right!

9Lives-UltraVvine Advance RCS Day CreamSo, to all the twenty-something year-olds out there, have you started taking anti-aging measures? Tell me what works for you. I’d love to hear your story.


Keep an eye on the blog for part 2 of our anti-ageing series.


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