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So as we all know SA is on Lockdown at the moment ( a round of applause for Mr President ). Most of us will probably be sitting at home with our parents/families, away from our friends and our social circles. Let’s be honest, we have all probably gone more than three weeks without seeing our friends by choice, but to me, the idea of not being allowed to see them makes me want to see them more. 

Other than the standard Skype, FaceTime, Netflix Party and Zoom, here are some fun, addictive apps that you and your friends can download to feel “miles apart but close to heart”.


Number of players: 2-8

I am OBSESSED with this one. My friends and I all downloaded the app and we can’t stop using it. It’s just a video chat group, but with a twist. You can play games, such as Trivia, Heads Up and Quick Draw against each other.

Words with Friends 2

Number of players: 1-5

This one is a classic. Words with Friends has been a “chart topper” for a long time now. It’s second edition has added features such as “Lightning Round”, where teams of up to five compete for the most points. It also includes a dictionary to help with the brain farts you get when you have to spell words with “Qi”. 


Number of players: 2

Another addictive word game (similar to Scattergories) where you play against an opponent to guess words beginning with a letter in five different categories. Your entire family can play together, either in teams or against one another. 

Its unique feature allows you to “stop” your round even before the one-minute limit, forcing opponents to match your score within the same amount of time. You don’t have to be booksmart, you just need to be strategic.


Number of players: 2

If you’ve ever played a quiz game you pretty much know how to play QuizUp. It is a quiz game where you and another person are asked a number of questions and the person who can answer the most questions correctly in the shortest period of time wins.

There’s categories for everyone, whether you’re a music master, film fanatic or business boffin. So, now you can finally challenge that Facebook friend who thinks they know more about Harry Potter than you.

Do you have any fun apps for us to try while we’re feeling the distance for the next three weeks? Leave them in the comments below.


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