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We all know that collagen is the secret to youthful looking skin. Recently more and more brands are bringing out collagen supplements, claiming them to be the next miracle cure to ageing skin. It sounds amazing but does taking collagen supplements actually work and is there more to it than just good-looking skin?

An article on Self found that the collagen you’re eating or drinking is not getting to your skin. The amino acids, derived from breaking down ingested collagen, might also not get as far as your face since it gets distributed throughout the body based on the area that needs it the most. So if you were hoping for beautiful skin through the ingestion of collagen, you might want to think again.

Instead of spending money on collagen supplements, Self suggests using products that protects the collagen you have from breaking down. Daily sunscreen protects collagen and topical antioxidants help with inflammation, decreasing the damage caused to collagen. Retinol can also help to support collagen production.

Another article on Good Housekeeping has some very insightful information regarding collagen:

  • Collagen supplements and pills are not vegan! They are made mostly of the bones and skin of cows, or the scales of fish.
  • Figuring out which type of collagen may help your health can be a little bit tricky, as there are a dozen different types, each with different benefits. There is also very little research proving ingesting collagen has any benefits at all.
  • Most evidence points out that it is certain amino acids found in collagen that has some health benefits – so not necessarily collagen.

If you do decide to use a collagen supplement, it is important to make sure that you choose one with as few simple ingredients as possible. Skip the flavoured versions and always look for third-party certification (check if a credible group like the NSF, UL, USP has tested it for safety before).

So the jury is still out on whether collagen supplements really benefit your health. As for skincare, you’re probably better off using sunscreen and retinol on a regular basis.

Try these products to help protect your skin’s collagen

Boost UV Protection: Vichy UV PROTECT Skin Defense Daily Care – Anti-Shine Cream

R215 for 40ml, leading pharmacies

UV Protect Daily Care is an anti-shine & hydrating cream with SPF50 which protects the skin from UV rays and prevents the appearance of dark spots. The cream is also enriched with antioxidants the skin needs to help defends itself. Since the cream is hydrating, mattifying and non-oily, it is perfect to use under your makeup.

Amp up the antioxidants: Dermalogica Biolumin-C Serum

R1 495 for 30ml,

This serum works to brighten and firm the skin, while dramatically reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It does this by combining an ultra-stable Vitamin C complex, one of the most penetrative forms of Vitamin C, with advanced bio-technology. The stable ingredients used in the serum ensures that the product gets to the right place to provide effective protection.

The serum, which can be used in the morning or at night, has a wonderful citrus smell and feels refreshing on the skin. It is really moisturising due to the Chia Seed Oil, which is rich in antioxidants and helps to curb free radicals. It also works well under makeup and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

Right the wrongs with retinol: Optiphi Rejuvenating Revitalizer

R1 967 for 40ml,

The Optiphi Rejuvenating Revitalizer is a luxurious and creamy serum that helps to reduce and reverse signs of aging in the skin. The serum boasts a variety of concentrated active ingredients which makes it even more powerful in combating signs of ageing.

What makes this serum unique is the added ingredient, Bakuchiol. Not only does it boost the anti-aging activity of retinol, but it also reduces any irritation and skin sensitivity. This makes it a perfect option for people like me who have super sensitive skin.

It’s moisturising which makes it nice to use both night and day, and by making use of Optiphi’s Time Controlled Diffusion technology you are ensured that the retinol is delivered consistently thoughout the day and night, without causing irritation.

If you’re new to retinol, introduce this gradually into your skincare routine so that your skin can get used to the product.

What is your opinion on taking collagen supplements? Let us know in the comments below.


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