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Turn off Main Road in Sea Point and you leave the hustle and bustle of cars going back and forth on this popular road. But if you really want to take a time-out, you need to visit this quirky addition to the Sea Point foodie scene.

Arthur’s Mini Super is a delightful mix between a teeny tiny grocer, deli, local produce shop and hipster hangout. We visited them late one Thursday morning and loved the cute way in which the shop was laid out.

From the moment you walk in the door, you are welcomed by the ‘Whuddup Fam’ sign on the floor and at any given time you’ll find the owners chatting, working, waving to suppliers and welcoming patrons for a lunchtime sandwich. You can buy various cold meats from the old school deli fridge, as well as a variation of kombuchas, gelato, popsicles, condiments and more. They even stock my favourite Boom Bars!

For me, the highlight of the entire visit was the gluten free bread with which they served my roast vegetable sandwich. The bread is extremely light and beautifully toasted to a golden brown, as well as generously filled with delicious veggies and cheese. If you frequent gluten-free bread, you’d know that some can be quite dense and not as tasty, but I was really surprised by their bread’s lightness and buttery tastiness.

Daniel, on the other hand, is not as sensitive to gluten and had a roast beef and mustard sandwich – almost like a BLT, if you swop the bacon for roast beef. His bread, too, was light and a bit bitter – just like a sourdough should be. The generously filled sandwiches are quite filling and therefore makes this spot a perfect lunch stop.

The shop can get a bit crowded, though. While we were visiting, a few families stopped by, making for a great atmosphere, but with the strollers taking up quite a bit of space. Not to worry though, they have a few stools on the outside as well, where you can have a sit and a coffee – Deluxe Coffee!


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