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It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with local music, especially new local artists joining the frontline of the South African music industry. ATLAS is no exception, and when I got a sneak peak of her new single, “UP”, it just sparked my obsession even more. 

South African born ATLAS holds back no punches with her latest single “UP” that is releasing on the 9th of October 2020. She proudly shouts the praises of strong women who take ownership of their choices, bodies and successes. 

She is a young woman who called the corporate world her home for some years, until she decided to follow her passion into music. 

My music is inspired by true events. Yes, I’ve been lied to. I’ve been cheated on and at the time the way I handled it, I’m not proud of any of it. In so many ways my music is a letter to myself on how I should’ve handled certain situations.”

The song is based on true life events about this particular change of scenery in her life. It’s showy, it’s unapologetic and it’s unashamedly loud. “UP” is about self-esteem and what it takes to survive in a “man’s world”. When I look at all the strong women working alongside me, I acknowledge how they influence this culture in their own way and they are embracing what it means to be a woman. “UP” is definitely the soundtrack to the powerful women from whom I learn something each day. 

She uses “UP” to invigorate the weary traveller while celebrating the brave and their audacity to make each breath count as they embrace the destiny of being born for a time such as this. I’m playing this song on repeat because it draws a line in the sand establishing a female world order. 

Why is ATLAS writing and collaborating with music?

“Because I look at the current state of things. Never have we been so lonely in the existence of our humanity. We’ve got all these things to keep us busy and should connect us, but here we are, perfectly lonely together. And that’s what keeps me going, I want togetherness. Can the music do it? I hope it does.”

So why should you listen to “UP” once it has released? 

You won’t be able to take your eyes off our very own local Lizzo, full of unapologetic power. ATLAS brings strong vocals, catchy sounds and compositions,  and sassy lyrics. 

Keep an eye on all music streaming platforms for the release of “UP” on 9 October 2020.


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