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5 budget tips for first time Europe travellers

I lived in the Netherlands for almost 11 months where my one and only goal was to explore Europe. In the months of saving and tights budgets, I rode on a train from the one Dutch attraction to the next while planning trips to other European countries. I made plenty of mistakes, but also learned from them. Here are five of my top tips for first time Europe travellers.

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My new winter routine with Esthederm’s Serum

I started using Esthederm’s Intensive Hyaluronic Serum in my morning as well as my evening skin routine before applying my moisturiser. In a weeks time, I could feel the difference. My skin has felt more refreshed and plumped after I’ve washed it, and not as if my skin is too small for my face, which I also learnt is one of the first signs that your skin is dehydrated.

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Begroting vir een, poeding vir ses.

Ek lê met my voete in die lug en kyk my gunsteling sepie in my splinternuwe woonstel. Ek kan nie ophou rond kyk na my nuut gemeubileerde woonstel nie! Wow, my heel eerste woonstel! Maar…

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