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When I heard the words “Autumn Cleaning”, the first thing that came to mind was that this must be Marie Kondo playing games with me, because I never got around to uncluttering my life. But before I marked autumn cleaning as an April Fool’s joke, I did some research to see if it’s actually a thing.

Yes, autumn cleaning is a thing and is actually more important than a spring clean!

So, one Saturday morning, I pretended to be my namesake herself and started the process of spring cleaning my home for autumn. Winter is here and not only in Game of Thrones! This is what I experienced one gloomy autumn morning:

I can see my home and life through new rose-coloured glasses

The main problem I had in my home was that when I moved in, I was in such a rut because of all my stuff had arrived from Pretoria, and I didn’t think about where the best place would be for these items. Instead I just dumped it in the first place I laid my eyes on. That frustrated me for a while, but I wasn’t motivated enough to sort that shit out. As I started unpacking some of the stuff still in boxes six months after my big move, I gave more thought to where to put everything.  And I decided that if I couldn’t find a good place for it right away, it meant that I needed to get rid of those things. I also realised that if I lived with that stuff in boxes for six months, then I could really live without it forever, because I already had! Everything is more organized now, and when I walk into my home, I don’t feel the anxiety coming at me. I feel way calmer and my thinking isn’t as cluttered as it used to be.

Winter Wipe Down

In the winter months, germs get passed on easily because of the lack of ventilation and warmer inside air. Now, you already need to think about those germs that lurk between warm blankets and heaters, and you don’t have time to think about the germs and bacteria that were there before the winter colds and flus started, do you? This is why I had a big wipe down beforehand. To prevent these summer bugs from making it to winter, I cleaned all surfaces properly with an anti-bacterial cleaning fluid. This should also count for your carpets, sofas and mattresses as well. The onset of autumn is an ideal time to clean your carpets and sofas. You’re going to spend a lot of time curled up under a blanket on your sofa, so think of how great that would be if the sofa is fresh and clean..

Another thing that I realised during my rapid cleaning expedition? Curtains capture a lot of dirt and dust through the summer season, and they do not let go of that dirt. So, I washed my curtains and swapped them for darker curtains that make my home feel warmer!

Beat the winter shivers!

The last thing that I had to do was to organise my closet. Time to bring out the jackets and jerseys! As I unpacked all my winter clothes from yet another ton of boxes, I realised that I had way too many clothes and that all these trench coats were not going to fit in my closet. The first thing I did was to ask my flatmates if they had some closet space for me, and to my disappointment they laughed it off. So, off to the next solution. I made a pile of clothes I hadn’t really worn last winter and I’ve decided to donate it to the needy. At least someone other than me will be winning from this experience, too

And there you have it! Autumn Cleaning is good for your mental health, physical health and the health of someone else. I can’t promise you that I won’t buy any more jackets this season, because I’m most probably going to, but at least I tried and can I donate that jacket next season.

Any tips on how to keep my house clean after my autumn cleaning? Share it in the comments below!


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