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Weltevrede Wine Estate at the edge of the Robertson Wine Valley has captivated me, not only with its exceptional Method Cap Classique and Chardonnay but also with its antique-turned-modern architecture, wine adventures, and above-par hospitality. 

Arriving at Weltevrede Wine Estate, you are immediately enchanted by the surroundings. A tunnel of metallic arches leads the way to their newly renovated tasting room. This modern space was once the estate’s cellar, and it still expresses the rawness of a working cellar in all the best ways possible. Exposed rock, steel structures, and dim lighting all contribute to the ambiance that tells of the bygone eras of Jonkers that used this space to create the Weltevrede legacy.

I was, indeed, wel tevrede with the experience they offered at the opening of their brand new tasting room which honours the latest of their many milestones. 

“We did not choose Chardonnay, Chardonnay chose the farm.”

After 109 years in the South African wine industry, Weltevrede Wine Estate has decided to narrow its focus to Chardonnay and Cap Classique – a decision I salute them for. This shift embraces the natural soils and terroir to produce the best possible wines.

At Weltevrede Wine Estate, they integrate the area’s natural materials in all aspects – from their architecture to their wines and even in their name “Weltevrede” which refers to the satisfaction the original Jonker had with the terroir of the farm. “The Place of Rocks Chardonnay commemorates this,” a friendly hostess explained to us as we awaited the start of the Cap Classique tour –  glasses of Chardonnay in hand with the sun baking on our backs.

“We did not choose Chardonnay, Chardonnay chose the farm.”
“We did not choose Chardonnay, Chardonnay chose the farm.”

As the rest of the guests arrived we delved further into an intimate view of the Jonker family’s Cap Classique legacy. The experience kicked off in the fermentation room where rows upon rows of dust-covered Cap Classique await perfection. Here we learned about the production process from vineyard to glass, after which we were taken into the underground “maze” of opened-up cement tanks. The tour showcased various years’ vintages stored in crypts, commemorated a lost vintage, and gave us a brief history of Champagne.    

As we reached the end of the tour I felt like an archaeologist that found a lost treasure, which was in this case, the underground tasting room located in a 90-year-old “vaatjie”. The tasting room is intimate and built out with river rocks from the estate’s surroundings to again reiterate the importance of natural ground composition. Here we tasted Weltevrede’s flagship Cap Classiques. 

"Rows upon rows of dust-covered Cap Classique await perfection"
“Rows upon rows of dust-covered Cap Classique await perfection”

I tasted the stars at Welteverde

“Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” Dom Pierre Pérignon, a French Benedictine Monk exclaimed when he took his first-ever sip of Champagne. Although I had Cap Classique, as it is known in South Africa, I could swear I tasted the stars as I sipped on the latest vintages of Philip Jonker Brut. The tasting included The Ring – an award-winning Chardonnay Brut Cap Classique that proprietor-winemaker Philip Jonker first released on his wedding day. 

We went on to seal our own bottles of Philip Jonker Brut Entheos, which was certainly the highlight of the whole tour. In Classique Heloise style – I spilled half the contents of the bottle but managed to successfully package and seal all the memories neatly at the end. 

Seal your own bottle at Weltevrede Wine Estate
You can now bottle your own Cap Classique at Weltevrede Wine Estate

This spectacular tour is now open to the public, bookings are essential to keep the tour intimate and exclusive. Click here to make your booking.

Beware! You will walk away with a newly found obsession for Cap Classique and Chardonnay. 


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