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With the countries alcohol ban being (slightly) lifted,  South Africans are flocking to the alcohol stores and restaurants as if they haven’t tasted alcohol in years. This over excitement might lead to overindulging which could only lead to “ragrats” the next day.  But don’t fear, the 9Lives team is letting you in on some of their hangover cures. 

In this guide we will include some before, during and after tips as well as some in-depth advice from Elené on hangover cures for certain beverages to avoid “feeling like a bag of dicks”. 



All the stages of preparing for a hangover are important, but this one is often overlooked and the most tricky to get right. I usually skip the before because of bloating reasons, as well as the fact that the alcohol usually hits faster on an empty stomach, but I always regret this the day after. 

I must include that sometimes eating beforehand can make you feel 10 times better, and other times it comes back to haunt you after a night out. 

Before going out Nina swears by drinking 2 charcoal pills while Zuan says a chocolate to start off the night is what saves him. Most of the time a hearty meal beforehand should help you, but keep with plain carbs and protein, and stay away from any type of rich foods!! 


This one is a bit tricky as you usually get a bit carried away by the fun of drinking, so all we have for you here is the standard “ drink water between each drink” trick. If you can get this ratio of alcohol and water right, you should be a step ahead of the rest of us. 

Before bed: 



  • At least 1 L of  water. Sparkling does the trick a little bit better for Nina, Caré and I.
  • A shot of salt water, chased with a big glass of water (doctor’s advice says Liezel). 
  • 2 Pain pills  (if you can’t get a hold of the good prescription ones, powdered grandpa’s are life changing).
  • Maybe another 2 liver pills ( Essentiales / Charcoal). 
  • Zuan: “ TC is the way to be”.
  • Shower and wash your face so that, as Nina puts it,  you don’t have to “smell of your sins” the next morning.
  • Sleep with a fan or aircon on, the cool air is soothing.
  • Marie says it’s all about the position you sleep in: one hand on the wall and one on the floor. 
  • Eat something: any fatty foods or high protein foods to absorb the alcohol. Examples from the 9Lives team are MaccyD’s, peanut butter sandwiches, Egg toasties. 
  • Sleep with a bed light on (although this might just be Zuan’s way to justify his fear of darkness).

Next day:


This is the routine you should live by. I’ve personally tested this with many people and it always tends to relieve the hangover a bit.

  1. Set an alarm for 2/3 hours before you plan to get up.
  2. At this time, the key is to stand up and walk around. You’ll probably still feel buzzed – but this will help when you actually have to wake up.
  3. Drink a ton of water with 2 pain pills.
  4. Go back to bed and when you wake up you’ll have mostly lost that buzzed feeling, and the pain pills will temporarily make you feel as if you survived the hangover. 

More tips to handle the day:

  • Wake up early and be active. 
  • Black coffee will also help with the detox. 
  • DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST, even if you have to force it down.
  • Try to eat healthy, it will make you feel better afterwards even if you only crave fatty foods. 
  • If possible take a swim in the ocean, salt water will wash away all your sins.
  • Zuan and Liezel both support ginger here: either a ginger tea or a ginger and beet juice. 
  • After 12:00, the day is yours to nap, because sleep will be your best friend.
  • A marmite toastie is Bea’s best friend. 

The worst for me usually sets in later in the day, so use your morning to be productive so that all you have to do is nap it off later. And if you’re anything like me, the hangover stays for 2 – 3 days. So keep those pain pills close by! 

Elene’s tips on Babalas: 

In her own words : “Ek hang gewoonlik soos ‘n mother f-er. Ek lyk oes, ek voel soos crap, en haat myself obviously ‘n bietjie.” So she has gathered her own guide to help us all survive a specific hangover (use this in conjunction with the other “next day” tips).

Whiskey:  Stand up, get going and drink water (you’ll probably survive).

Gin: Pain pills, pain pills, pain pills! Three before bed, three when you wake up. GenPayne if possible, but Ibuprofen could also work.

Cocktails / sweet wine / some chardonnays and wine spritzers: It is NB that you go to bed without the spinning feeling. So drink up buttercup, and flush all that sugar out (referring to water here). Here you can also go full out with fatty foods, but keep it in moderation.

White wine and Champagne:  Gaviscon syrup, stay away from the fatty foods and opt for a heavy protein like red meat. 

Red wine: Two Advils before bed and after you wake up. Wine hangovers are usually fine if you stick with the good stuff. Cheap wines will always equal piercing headaches and there will be no cure except sleep! 

Tequila: Good luck and goodbye. I can’t help you here. 

Water before bed, set your alarm for 2 hours before you wake up, drink more pain pills and water, and pee. 

Everyones hangover is different and it changes every time. Hopefully some of these tips will help you out so that you can compile your own “hangover guide” and avoid the “I’m never drinking again” feeling. But remember, the Post Party Depression can’t be stopped or conquered, we can only find ways to survive it.  



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