Despite popular belief, being single isn’t the worst thing in the world. I constantly get asked how my dating life is going, or how I’m going to survive Valentine’s Day.

Sure, there are a lot of moments when I feel lonely and miss having a cuddle, but it really isn’t so bad if I weigh it up against the opportunities and fun things that come with being single.

After having a beer with a friend and fellow 9Lives writer, Marie, we came to the conclusion that the list of reasons to stay single is basically never ending. These are the main points that came out of our informative convo.


First and foremost, my favourite aspect of the single life is being able to be independent.

I love how I can just go out for drinks with my friends without having to explain to someone why I’m going out for a drink the third night in a row, or having to ask permission to do so.

The thought of constantly having to give someone an update on my whereabouts freaks me out, so I enjoy my nights of freedom.



Having all this time to spend has given me the chance to get to know myself better. With time to introspect and look into your my life a bit deeper, I can learn to better myself and love myself a bit more.

This is also the perfect opportunity to pick up a new hobby and fill my evenings with self-improving activities, like cooking or being creative.

With a lot of room to focus on my job, being single can be a great opportunity for setting goals, and actually having the energy to meet them.



Sometimes I hate it, sometimes I love it, but I can easily admit my addiction to online dating. Meeting new people can be very exciting when it turns out well; and even the odd people you come across can be quite entertaining.

If you’re new to the online dating scene – take a look at my experience on Tinder for some insight on what to expect.


I don’t have to watch sport….Ever

I can sit on my couch the whole day, binge watching back-to-back episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, without having someone interrupting me because an important rugby match is about to start.


I scream, Ice cream!

When the dreaded ice cream cravings come knocking on my door at midnight, I can simply get in my car and go buy some ice cream without having someone looking at me with a judging eyebrow. And when I indulge in that late night snack, I can INDULGE and go to sleep with ice cream all over my satisfied face.


Goodbye razors!

Let nature go her way; no one is going to mind my unshaven legs. But what about dating? I go for sexy black jeans rather than a little black dress.


What’s up with the toilet seat???

There is a reason why we are called the fairer sex. Man-oh-man, if I ever need to go to the bathroom again, and find the seat up looking like the toilet is going to suck me in, I might die!


Double bed for one

All snuggled up in my comfy bed, I can roll over without having to fight off the deadweight of the guy snoring next to me. You can sleep horizontal in your bed if you feel like, and just dream of Shrek if that’s what you’re into.


Boys night when? Like never!

When you are single you never have to entertain 5 guys eating oily peanuts on your couch, playing the new Fifa game while ordering you around for a cold beer. Speaking of beer, I also no longer have to share my six pack!


What’s your favourite part of living the single life?


Lover of red wine and music. Trying to live more consciously in my day to day life.

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