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Holidays mean lazy days with a good book and a glass of wine. I’ve put together a couple of great page-tuners that kept us hooked, with intriguing plots, tantalising twists and action packed scenes. Take a look:

Origin, Dan Brown

Review: Liezel Malherbe

If you are looking for a holiday page-turner, go for Origin by Dan Brown. I’ll admit, this was my first venture into Dan Brown’s novels and I completely understand why he is such a massively popular author. His stories are fascinating, and perfectly woven to keep you intrigued. Origin is set in modern day Spain and kicks off with news of a groundbreaking scientific discovery that promises to forever change the way people view the world by answering two pivotal questions: Where do we come from, where are we going? But the grand reveal is stopped in its tracks by a stealth assassination and now it is up to Dr Langdon to uncover the truth. The plot is thick with treachery, devious characters and deadly plotting. At the same time Brown has filled the story with detailed references to Spanish artworks and architecture that all exist in real life so that you’ll want to google his locations as you read. At the same time he touches on many social and political issues in the country, and the way they are changing with the times. I had great fun with it and highly recommend it. Have you read it? What did you think? . . . #9LivesKickBack #Read #Reading #Book #Books #instabooks #instabook #bookreview #danbrown #danbrownorigin #origindanbrown #holidays #holidaytime #summerholidays

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The Emperor’s Revenge, Clive Cussler & Boyd Morrison

Review: Leon Fourie

Clive Cussler the Emperors Revenge 9Lives

The Emperor’s Revenge is the 11th novel from The Oregon Files Adventures. The prologue of the book plays off on the island of St Helena on 28 April 1821 and involves a twist in the history regarding the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

The book then jumps back to the present day, first taking you to Algeria where you meet Juan Cabrillo, the head of The Corporation,on a deadly mission, and the mighty Oregon, a 170 metre long ship with potent defensive and offensive capabilities). From here we move to Monaco where an audacious bank heist takes place during the Monaco Grand Prix. It is during this heist that the offshore bank account of Juan Cabrillo and the Oregon crew is robbed by a masterful hacker.

Without his usual financial assets, Juan must entrust his safety with a woman from his past, and an old friend from his days with the CIA. Together they face this mysterious hacker and it is only when the hunt begins that the enormity of the plan becomes clear: the bank theft was only the first step in a plot to cripple the European electrical grid and search for the legendary lost secret diary of Emperor Napoleon himself!

But between Juan, his money and the truth lies a stealth vessel even deadlier than the mighty Oregon.

The book keeps you in suspense right up to the last chapter with a good plot and story line. If you are into action packed suspense novels I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy this book.

Into The Water, Paula Hawkins

Review: Liezel Malherbe

One positive about these Cape Town Jozi flights is having two hours to catch up on my reading. If you are looking for an intriguing, captivating, page-turner suspense, I can definitely recommend Into The Water by Paula Hawkins. Told through various perspectives, it digs into the death Nel Abbot. Some say she jumped but it soon becomes clear there are much darker secrets hiding in the water. Hawkins has a vivid, fast-paced style of writing that pulls you into the tide of the story, with a collection of complicated and rich characters that touch on a range of dark, twisted themes. Definitely worth a read. . . . #9liveskickback #intothewater #paulahawkins #book #bookreview #bookstagram #books #read #reading #travel #travelling

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The Black Book, James Patterson & David Ellis

Review: Louise Fourie


James Patterson The Black Book 9Lives

If you are a James Patterson fan, this book is a must. And if you haven’t read his books, you should start with “The Black Book”.  Patterson himself says that it is his best and I agree.

It is a detective story following Billy Harney, who survives a shooting while investigating corrupt government officials and police officers in Chicago. He remembers nothing about events leading up to the shootout and has been charged with double murder.  While investigating, he discovers the existence of a little black book that many people want to lay their hands on.  Billy suspects that this book contains the truth about what happened to him.

The characters are interesting. The story is told in both current and flashback stages, developing a layered mystery. More importantly, the outcome is surprising and extremely well-delivered!  It was great to read a book without being able to guess the ending!


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