If you’re like me, you’re forever itching to see a new place, to experience a different culture and take in unfamiliar sights. Maybe you don’t have the funds for it right at this moment or you’re not sure where to go on your next adventure.
We’ve rounded up 8 travel books to give you serious wanderlust.

Vroom with a View: In Search of Italy’s Dolce Vita on a ’61 Vespa

Author: Peter Moore

A long-held wish and a ‘61 Vespa bought on eBay takes us on a trip through Italy as one man embarks on an adventure for his 40th birthday. This book and its author takes us through a trip, starting in Milan and ending in Rome, that makes any reader want to experience the Tuscan countryside.

Moore writes in an entertaining and lighthearted manner, describing the food, wine and people he comes into contact with, as well as providing some great scenic descriptions.

Will make you want to experience: Italy

A Thousand New Beginnings: Tales of Solo Female Travel Through Southeast Asia

Author: Kristin Addis

At 26, Kristin decides to quit her job and leave her life behind to undertake travelling Southeast Asia… completely solo. The book is in the style of diary excerpts and blog posts during her 10-month travel, in which she decides to experience the less touristy side of Asia. It is easy to read, rife with travel information as well as some more personal stories. We learn of her becoming a Buddhist monk for 10 days and getting a magic tattoo.

This book also proves that girls can take on world, solo.

Will make you want to experience: Southeast Asia


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A Year in Provence

Author: Peter Mayle

In this witty and well-written book, Peter and his wife decide to leave their lives in England, move to the rural French town of Provence and buy a 200-year-old farmhouse. Along with the constant repairs of their old farmhouse, they also have to get used to a slower way of life and the ways of the locals.

The whole book is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, with depictions of the climate, the fantastic food and the rough-but-charming local demeanour. What’s great about the style of the book is that each chapter represents a month in the first year that they have lived in Provence, and so you get to experience the passing of the year along with the Mayles.

Will make you want to experience: Provence

Out of Africa

Author: Karen Blixen

Karen Blixen, a baroness from Denmark, lived in Kenya for 17 years on a coffee plantation near Nairobi. This book tells the story of her adventures living in the Kenyan countryside and in it you will find fantastic descriptions of the scenery, her experiences with the locals as well as European tourists. The style of the book, although wistful and poignant, definitely brings across her love for the country as well as the people and animals therein.

Will make you want to experience: Kenya

The Caliph’s House

Author: Tahir Shah

Much in the style of “A Year in Provence”, English travel writer Tahir Shah moves his family from their home in London to fulfil his dream of living in Morocco. Tahir and his wife, Rachana, use what money they have to buy a dilapidated mansion in Casablanca only to find that the place is infested with “jinns” – read: genies. This book is both highly amusing as well as hair-raising, exploring the exotic culture of North Africa from Tangier to the Sahara.

Will make you want to experience: Morocco; North Africa


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In a Sunburned Country

Author: Bill Bryson

For anyone wanting to explore Down Under, Bill Bryson is the perfect guide. In this hilarious and well-written travelogue, Bryson describes his love for the cheerful and exuberant locals, his take on what has to be the hottest and driest country on the planet, as well as the native wildlife that seems hellbent on killing everyone. Definitely a book for anyone who wants to experience the less “touristy” parts of Australia, and who loves to laugh.

Will make you want to experience: Australia

The Penguin Lessons

Author: Tom Mitchell
On a trip to South America for a teaching position, Tom Mitchell finds a friend. His name? Juan Salvador Pinguino. This in itself isn’t strange. Mitchell is in his early twenties, flying free and experiencing life outside of his native UK. The thing is, Juan Salvador Pinguino is a penguin that Mitchell rescues from an oil spill whilst exploring Uruguay. This heartwarming book tells the story of how a young Englishman must smuggle his befriended penguin into an Argentinian boarding school in the midst of political unrest.

Will make you want to experience: Argentina

Love with a chance of drowning

Author: Torre DeRoche

If you have a morbid fear of deep water, then sailing the Pacific is probably not for you, right? Well, Torre DeRoche certainly doesn’t let that stop her. Upon falling for a handsome Argentinian with dreams to explore the world in a sailboat, Torre is swept up in an adventure that has her confronting her biggest fears. Torre gives up her city life for seasickness and the opportunity to experience life as she’d never dreamed of before. The story is beautifully set out and written in a humorous and engaging way.

Will make you want to experience: The world from the inside of a sailboat.


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If you’ve come across any great books that have given you an itch for travelling, please let us know in the comments below!


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