Finally there’s a sanitary pad advertisement that tackles the weak image of menstrual cycles head on. You have to watch this new video, Blood.

A few months ago there was this meme trending on social media of a girl who got her period while sleeping in her boyfriend’s bed. The caption goes something like “if this were my girlfriend I wouldn’t shame her, I would give her a hug, make her a cup of tea and run her a warm bath.” My first reaction was WTF?! really?!!! Dear world. My period is not the same as getting diagnosed with some fatal disease. I get it every month. It means I can get pregnant, grow a human for nine months and eventually push said human out of my body. That is seriously hard core.

Finally, there is a ad for sanitary pads that gets this. Gone are the days when all we girls did was twirl our parasols, knit in the living room and write romantic novels. These days we can be anything, do anything our bodies are capable of. Nothing should hold us back, not even a little blood.

You have to check out this video, I think it is brilliant.

The ad forms part of the new Bodyform Red.Fit Programme which aims to keep women fit through their cycle.

Since our hormone levels are constantly changing during our cycle, we feel different both mentally and physically during different times of the month. Together with their sports scientist Georgie Bruinvels they have split the cycle into four phases: Bleed, Peak, Burn and Fight. They’ve then teamed up with Frame gyms, natural fast food restaurant Leon and performance coach Faye Downey to provide the exercise training, nutrition advice and motivational inspiration for each phase.

You can get more info on the programme here.


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