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Boston Breweries has announced an exciting partnership with SANCCOB: Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds. For every Rock Hoppa beer sold, they will give R1 to help SANCCOB in their efforts to save SA’s seabirds.

The new campaign will be fronted by the very lovable Northern Rockhopper penguin, Rocky, a rescued waif of a seabird who lives at SANCCOB. She, and yes, Rocky is a ‘she’, was caught in the fishing nets of a trawler, and was fortunate enough to be brought to SANCCOB for rehabilitation. The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds – is a 24-hour seabird rescue centre, and they respond to all seabirds in distress, performing an invaluable conservation service in oceans that are rife with oil spills and other dangers for the natural inhabitants.

Boston Breweries coincidentally just launched Rock Hoppa beer and Chris Barnard, Managing Director of Boston Breweries is an avid swimmer with a passion for the ocean. Rock Hoppa beer was named initially for the strong hops presence in the brew, but Barnard quickly realised that his love for nature, the sea, and his beer had a great synergy: enter SANCCOB, Rocky and their new partnership.

SANCCOB is an internationally recognised seabird conservation organisation, responsive to seabird rescue and rehabilitation along the southern African coastline. Their unremitting efforts to rescue stricken birds and release them in their natural environment gets publicity during oil spill crises, but what is not often realised by the public is that SANCCOB are continually rescuing birds and penguins, and they are dependent on that public for ongoing funding.

Boston Breweries have come up with one solution by donating R1 for every Rock Hoppa beer sold.

Rock Hoppa beer will be available in a wide range of establishments and outlets, and a sticker on each bottle will tell those about to take a sip that SANCCOB will be benefiting.

“Rocky is not only a brand ambassador for Boston Breweries,” says Jacqui Barlow, marketing manager of Boston Breweries. “As the sole Rockhopper penguin at SANCCOB, she speaks for all the African Penguins and seabirds that are rehabilitated at their premises. It’s an important function for one small lass, but she has the courage and strength to represent her extended family!”


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