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I’m pretty particular about where I sit on a plane. I prefer an aisle seat because I hate having to ask people to move aside when I need the loo. I get major claustrophobia when I sit by the window, even more so when I am stuck in the middle seat, unsure which of the arm rests actually belong to me. Naturally I also aim for seats at the front of the plane where turbulence is less and from where you can make a quick exit. The problem is, I almost always forget to check in ahead of time and change my auto-allocated seat to the one I really want. And by the time I get to it, most of the good seats have been snatched by the more admin-orientated people in this world.

So I’m pretty excited about the news that British Airways has launched a new prepaid booking facility which allows you to choose your preferred seat on any of their flights within South Africa when you purchase your ticket, at a small fee.

According to Shaun Pozyn, Head of Marketing for British Airways, this enhancement will allow customers the choice of purchasing their preferred seat at the time of booking their flight on  For customers wanting to purchase prepaid seating and who have already booked their flights, they can do so by using the “Manage My Booking” functionality via

“For a nominal fee customers can select their preferred seat, whether it’s an aisle, window or middle seat, as well as the ability to sit closer to the front, ensuring that they are one of the first customers to disembark.”

The cost for prepaid seating varies, depending on the route being booked: seats on routes shorter than 90mins are priced from R64, while routes longer than 90 mins are priced between R80 to R144. Customers who choose to not purchase prepaid seating, will have their seats allocated as per the existing process.  

The new pre-paid booking is live for all customers travelling on British Airways within southern Africa.


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