Follow this. No, really, Follow this.

Buzzfeed continues to amaze us with well-curated content, and this short documentary series is no different! It is completely wack. WEIRD. But incredibly entertaining. The topics are so bizarre it makes it difficult for you to take your eyes off the screen. Like how I am struggling to write this article, while desperately trying to watch another episode.

What’s it all about though?

Follow This is a new info-series from Buzzfeed, in collaboration with Netflix. Following a day in the life of a Buzzfeed journalist, each 15-minute episodes explores the wackiest news from the deepest corners of the web. Ranging between topics like “The Internet Whisperers”, “Intersex” and “The Future of Fakes”, they never fail to teach you something new.

In this show, the journalists become the lens through which we see the most honest and emotion-revoking news in the world – making you think twice about topics you once thought were fake. It kind of makes me want to be a Buzzfeed journalist.

These journalists are good, and they ask relevant questions. They also keep it natural – leaving a lot of space for improvisation. This ensures real reactions from the receivers’ side. All in all, it is brilliant, upsetting, eye-opening and entertaining as hell.

My favourite episode

I believe the first episode of any good show is the most important. After all, it’s usually that single episode that encourages you to continue watching. This is something Buzzfeed most definitely succeeds in. In the first episode, hosted by Buzzfeed culture writer Scaachi Koul, the series takes a deeper look into the phenomenon of “Internet Whisperers”. Yeah, this was also my first encounter with this bizarre topic.

Buzzfeed's Follow This - ASMR

In short, Internet Whisperers are YouTubers who produce videos said to soothe anxiety, in a very unusual way. They use sensory cues and stimuli to generate an autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR. We all have experienced that tingling sensation in our spines when popping bubble wrap. I guess this is the easiest way to explain this wacky concept. Asking the real question, is ASMR actually low-key porn? Well, you’ll have to find out yourself, ‘cause nobody likes a spoiler.

Even more reason to LOVE Follow This

Aside from the entertainment side of this documentary, the camera work and graphics are amazing. It’s not tacky, or out of place – it leaves you wanting more.

This is me wrapping up this article to dive even deeper into the wonderful world of Buzzfeed’s Follow This. Have you seen it? Tell us more about your favourite episode in the comment section below. Or watch the trailer below to become a part of the discussion.


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