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What’s better than chocolate? How about chocolate and the chance to win R10 000 every day?

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I have very little resistance when it comes to chocolate. I have an especially soft spot for for anything with a nutty twist. When I was a kid my dad would buy a Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut on a Sunday night and we’d nibble away while watching the movie on M-Net. It was my ultimate treat.

The thing about chocolate is that it’s always a pleasure – even if you eat a whole bagful on your own because that guy you really really like just dodged you in a bar. It’s finding the Lunch Bar mini in your goodie bag, getting an oh-so-indulgent P.S because someone thought you’re special, or eating a Crunchie while watching Pretty Woman, biting all the chocolate off first and leaving that crispy honeycomb right till the end (did anyone else do this?)

Now, if it’s even possible, Cadbury has managed to make chocolate even better by giving you the chance to bag R10 000 every day for 60 days!

All you need to do is buy one (or all) of the following Cadbury chocolate bars:

  • Lunch Bar (48g)
  • Lunch Bar Dream (48g)
  • P.S. Milk Chocolate (48g)
  • P.S. Caramilk (48g)
  • 5Star (48.5g)
  • Crunchie (40g)
  • Lunch Bar mini (23g)
  • P.S. Caramilk mini (24g/19g)

Submit the unique codes found inside the wrapper by dialling the USSD code *120*101112# and following the
prompts. The promotion runs until 31 October.

The Cadbury Wrapper Flapper has also made a comeback, giving you even more chances to win! Just grab one of the chocolate bars mentioned above and present your wrapper at one of the national activations taking place over the next two months. Once inside, you’ll have 10 seconds to catch one of the golden coins inside, winning you instant cash or airtime.

The Cadbury Wrapper Flapper will be starting off at Savanna Mall in Limpopo (06 th – 09 th September 2018), Diamond Pavilion in Northern Cape (20 th – 23 rd September 2018) and  finally ending off at Twin City Mall in Free State (11 th – 14 th October 2018).

WIN with 9Lives and Cadbury

Tell me how you would spend R10 000 every day for 60 days, and you could win an epic Cadbury hamper worth R500! Get daydreaming! Try a hot air balloon ride, book a luxury safari, go shoe shopping in Sandton City.

Pop your entries in the comments section below. Entries close 25 September.



I am a lifestyle blogger from Cape Town trying to find the best ways to spend my time, take care of my body and express myself. I am slightly obsessed with fragrances, sneakers, Jamie Oliver and Masterchef Australia. Oh, and I probably drink way too much wine.


    • I would probably end up buying loads of all my Cadbury goodies and spend the rest on my two teenage girls who deserve to be spoilt for being so amazing.

  1. anu naidoo Reply

    I would go Shopping and indulge in Shoes to Handbags to Clothes to Accessories to Fragrances.
    Wow how amazing this will be 💟💟💟

  2. I would take my close group of friends on a weekend away to Franschhoek or Robertson.

  3. Definitely be a very luxury safari including a great spa treatment. Pure Bliss!

  4. Asha Parbhoo Reply

    I would take myself and family on a holiday that is really fun for kids

  5. Laura Martin Reply

    I would use the R 10000 to buy me a plane ticket to Joburg, As I’ve never been there . I would then go visit the Mall of Africa and go crazy, starting off by buying myself a Polaroid camera bc my journey must be documented, then dins dins at a fancy restaurant and then maybe a spa treatment or two.

  6. There’s so much I want and need to get it done lol, but I’d really really love to go on an European Tour, that should at least include Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland! I’d do a lot of sightseeing and shopping! Oh, it feels good to daydream😄

  7. It’s my mom’s birthday next month and last year I book her a celebratory photoshoot. This year I’d like to take her to the Lion Park followed by a scrumptious lunch and a massage date for the two of us. She raised me as a single mom so I’d love to make her day special. I’d also take her to Cape Town and Ladismith to visit her siblings as she hasn’t seen them in a while since moving to Johannesburg. Shopping sprees for both of us would be amazing and of course there has to be loads of chocolate as we’re both absolute addicts!

  8. I would actually buy myself a camera and equipment and start my YouTube channel. Then get the domain so I can host my own site as I use wordpress. They I would pay to study digital marketing and social media management. I would then travel to Europe and the US to see my friends I haven’t see for 3 years.

  9. Carolyn Augustus Reply

    I’d go shoe shopping and book a romantic weekend getaway for hubby and myself.

  10. nathan pienaar Reply

    Hi Liezel,

    Id definitely put that money too good use in doing something nice for a childrens home as part of a heritage celebration and include some lovely cadbury treat as well, something they not use to getting like the average child.

    if theres any balance , ill use it for a good break away from the hectic city life , perhaps off the west coast or cape agulhas area for some refreshment before we hit the crazy end of year rush.

  11. Staci-Leigh De Rouwe Reply

    Oooooooh…..let’s see….I would use it to buy myself a Grainfather (the ultimate all grain brewing system) to take my home brews to the next level 🙂

  12. i would go on holiday and continue travelling SA while living in a different hotel every night!

  13. I would visit Turkey (my fiance and I wanted to go there for our honeymoon but he passed away before we had the chance).

  14. Ronnae Elliott Reply

    I would like to secure the outside of my home with a security gate as the crime levels are too high. With all these child abductions, I cant trust that my daughter would be safe playing outside.

  15. Beverley Ann Swanepoel Reply

    Wow what an awesome competition! We love Cadburys and if i could win I would use the money to spoil my Gorgeous Hubby of 48 years with a lovely weekend getaway! Special foods, special wines and lots of Cadburys choccies haha. As pensioners you cannot always just do what you would love to do, so this would be an awesome chance for us 😅

  16. I would Fix my car so that I knoe it is safe for me and my family to travel. And them we would travel with the money that is left. Would love to go to my daughters grandma because she never met her before . Would be really special.

  17. Candice Vincent Reply

    I would take my mom and dad on a lovely holiday to the Kruger to celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary…

  18. Lulama Ndudula Reply

    I would extend my mother 4 room house, since am stil sharing a room with mom and my daughter. Sometimes @ home u need ur space and winning dis would be a dream come true.

  19. Eve Mackay Reply

    I’d pay debts off and spoil my mom,my husband and daughter to a lovely supper. If any left over it’ll go towards going overseas ♡♡♡

  20. Adeline Pillay Reply

    I would use half the money to pay my debt, the other half would be for spoiling my kids by buying them some toys, clothing and taking them out.

  21. I would save to buy a car which is so needed and spoil the kids with treats especially the neighborhood kids as it would be a blessing for us all

  22. I would go on a shopping spree and dine at every restaurant I always want to go to need to spoil myself 😀

  23. Abigail Moodley Reply

    Put 80% in a savings and R2000 to spoil my family on a day out

  24. Thamaray Francis Reply

    I would take my kids to Suncity and first stop at a petrol station and give them the opportunity to go crazy shopping for their favourite Cadbury chocolates so they have enough energy to enjoy the Valley of waves 🙂

  25. Ragmat baron Reply

    I would use the money to fill my tank phewww petrol is killing me monthly. The rest I will use to fill my cupboards with groceries

  26. Natasha Palvie Reply

    I would take my two little girls on a much needed holiday, spoil them a bit. We love Uilenkraalsmond,so maybe we would spend a week there, go fishing with our little nets, and just have a lekker time.

  27. Michael van Niekerk Reply

    I would go buy a Cadbury chocolate and enter the other competition! I will also take my friends out for supper!

  28. Dawn Govender Reply

    It’s been a really long time since I spoiled my family on holiday breaks… So my choice would be some much needed rest and relaxation ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Andrea Bester Reply

    I would use it for much needed home stuff . Would go towards my stove ,hob and oven…if there is anything left spoil myself with a summer dress.

  30. I will buy my daughter school utilities and uniform as she is starting school next year and then use the rest of the money that is left to renovate my mom’s house

  31. Sophia Bux Reply

    I would definitely but lots of chocolates because I have an insatiable sweet tooth. I would take my family on a much deserved holiday and I have a lot of love for animals so I would also buy a lot of goodies and take to our local SPCA, especially since I have 2 four legged children and I love them with all my heart, I know those babies at the SPCA could do with every little bit of love. So there you have it, that is how I would spend R10 000, please make my wish come true 🙂

  32. I would invest R5000 for my 2 kiddies. And the balance I will go on a shopping spree

  33. A close relative of mine has recently lost his wife and has been without work for the past year. I’d use this money to help him support his sister and three grandchildren living with him. I’ve been trying to help but financial constraints have made it impossible. Thus would help.

  34. Tracy-Lee Jones Reply

    R10 000 basically just about covers my bond and car instalment for the month. So if had the chance to win R10 000 every day for 60 days, instead of spending it, I would save it and put a down payment on my bond just to gain some financial freedom. Once I have achieved my goal of financial freedom, I would book a single trip to Croatia and hope to visit the 1000 islands, oh what a dream 😁

  35. Janet Perry Reply

    Eeek R10 000 every day for 60 days wowee!! I would take one of my friends and family members to a different day spa every day for the whole 60 days !!!,

  36. Probably the most boring answer but I’d use it to ups kill myself so I can realise my dream of becoming my own boss and making WAY more money… then I’d use my super high paycheck to travel the world and spoil everyone I love lol. Also… I’d probably buy enough chocolate to keep me going on my late night working binges

  37. Maxine king Reply

    If I won 10 000 I would give it all to my hubby he works so hard to keep a roof over our head and food on the table…he always goes out of his way to help others even before himself he helps his parents aswell and neverthe gets to do anything fr himself id love to show im just how much we appreciate him

  38. Terisha Konar Reply

    I would pay some debts and spoil myself with some Cadbury bars

  39. With R10 000 i can pay off some of my debt and then just just get through the month… Wish I could go on holiday with that money but debt first then relaxation😊

  40. With R10 000 i can pay off some of my debt and then just just get through the month… Wish I could go on holiday with that money but debt first then relaxation😊wish i could donate aswell to animal wellfares🐶

  41. Louise Oosthuizen Reply

    It’s our 10 year wedding anniversary in November. I would love to spend the special occasion with my husband by going for a relaxing couple spa treatment, romantic supper and maybe sleep over somewhere nice if we can get a babysitter.

  42. Naomey Lottering Reply

    I would first pay off some debt and keep the rest in my savings for my dream wedding in the Karoo. I want to treat my guests to 2 nights stay in the Karoo national park and an awesome party celebrating my wedding.

  43. Grant my parents their dream home that they’ve been trying to build for the past 31 years.

  44. I’d give R4000 to my mom, to go and spoil herself because she has been ignoring her being for us. I’ll invest R1000. The remaining amount, is to contribute on paying school debts.

  45. Since it’s my birthday on the 25th of September, I would finally be able to give myself a shopping spree for my birthday. I would put down a deposit to secure my child’s place at a school and I would invest some for my child’s future… And I would spend what’s left to satisfy my sweet tooth with all the Cadbury yummys

  46. If i win godwilling I would use it towards my twins fees they matric now and towards there matric ball giving them a year to remember. This wld make my life so mch easier and then i can focus on myself.. Pretty pls make my day that is all i want just to settle their account.

  47. Chantal Morgan Reply

    I would look for an apartment for myself too rent,just so that i could live on my own again.Finances and being out of work forced me too live with other people,so ja.

  48. Tanya Hope Reply

    Honestly .
    There are many great things would love to do but honestly .
    I would love to pay off my hearing aids.

  49. Anusha Govender Reply

    I’m a single parent with 3 kids. Life ain’t easy I struggle to make ends meet for my kids. I have a job that does not pay well,but in thankful for the little I get. If I had to win this it would be the greatest blessing for my kids and I. I would spoil them, buy them whatever they need, and a portion I would bless some homeless kids with….cause I know the feeling of wanting but not having. I’m praying to win. Fingers crossed.

  50. What I’d do is go on a much needed holiday with hubby and our newborb! And do shopping with the change 🙂

  51. Nalani Madurai Reply

    I have a long list but top of the list would be to buy my parents flights to come spend some with us. Give some money to my sister cos she’s a single parent with three kids and unemployed. Take my family to a nice restaurant cos myy son has been asking for so long. Make a few goodie bags and cook food for the homeless and treat them and lastly to hopefully go away for one night with my hubby…if there’s anything left over

  52. Day one, would go shopping for summer
    Day two, I would take a helicopter ride over the Winelands from leopards leap
    Day three, I would donate it to an animal charity for their food supplies
    Day Four I would use the money to fix up my car
    Day five I would buy myself a Michael Kors handbag and purse to match!

  53. Shaheeda Petersen Reply

    I’d put it towards travelling, I’ve always wanted to go to Zanzibar or Thailand. 🙂

  54. Shaheeda Petersen Reply

    I would put it towards a holiday overseas. I’ve always wanted to go to Zanzibar or Thailand. 🙂

  55. Ntando Malaza Reply

    It would give me pleasure to give my daughter a holiday she’s asking me for, which is visit me on Cape Town. We last spent time together 4 years ago and after losing my job I haven’t been able to take care of her the way used to be.

  56. Corrine Morris Reply

    We planning on buying a new home, for which we need a lounge suite. So that would be on top of the list.

  57. I would take my family for holiday. My daughter is 8 and has never been to the beach.

  58. Nomvula Dlaminj Reply

    I will use the R10 000 to pay for my traditional wedding dress and pay the deco in Dec 2018🎀🎉🎊

  59. I will use the money to pay for my traditional wedding dress and the deco in Dec 2018. And use some of the money for a Spa for me and hubby after the ceremony celebration..

  60. I will use the money to pay for my traditional wedding dress and deco for the Dec 2018. And then use some of it for a Spa for me and hubby to relax after the celebration

  61. I would take my family out for a holiday and spoil my granny also and buy her slippers and go shopping for my son

  62. My first instinct would be to book myself a flight to Capetown, which would be a trip filled with lots of partying, lots of cocktails , I would restuarant hop and try all kinds of food, would buy myself all the sneakers and sunnies I have been eyeing, lol … I’m a nice person so would definitely eWallet some people a few rands, Sharing is caring…. see I have always imagined living my best life but I would go beyond my own imagination, ok ok ok I admit I’d also pop a bit into my savings account .

  63. i would definitely spoil my dad take him out for shopping since he has been in hospital for more than a year now diagnosed with colon cancer i would love to buy him goodies while he is still alive , cheer him up bring some good spring shopping energy.

  64. I would buy loaves of bread and hand to the homeless. Then il make it memorable for my family. Shopping for clothes shoes handbags groceries, eating out, movies.

  65. Celine du Randt Reply

    I would spend it on new makeup for myself (long overdue) and spoil my husband and kids!

  66. I would LOVE to spoil my kids for a change. They are just too understanding of my circumstances and for once, I just want to be able to be carefree about spending a little.

  67. I would love to get ahead of the new school year and get my girls much needed new uniforms and stationary. I would then also take them on a little holiday to PE to visit family. Times tough right now.

  68. Ronnae Elliott Reply

    I would slab my backyard so my daughter can play with all her toys as the warmer sunny days are approaching.

  69. I would definitely buy a bed for my 9year old baby boy who unfortunately has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor in our room. I would also buy some spiderman bedding for him.. He would be so so happy😢

  70. verusha singh Reply

    I would give it to my hubby, daughter and son who are constantly eating and fighting for chocolates. They are total chocoholics!

  71. Lerato Mathabela Reply

    I would pay my son ‘s registration fee for 2019 as he is heading to university and got accepted .

  72. Lerato Mathabela Reply

    I would pay for my son ‘s Registration fee in 2019 as he is accepted to university.

  73. Rudaybah Davids Reply

    I would definitely spend the money on our first newly bought house and then after that i would save and buy a car and then i would start paying chunks off our bond hehehe.. maybe a spoil or two here and there like go overseas.. I have many dreams ..

  74. I’m behind with my varsity fees so I’ll pay 💰 the outstanding amount then take my self out for a camp with my partner cause I always wanted to do this, face my fears 😭😭😭😭😭

  75. Mické vd Westhuizen Reply

    I am a teacher and also busy with my Master’s degree, and finally after 10 years my laptop decided to give in 😞 10k would definitely help to buy a new laptop so I can finish my studies, do my doctoral in education thereafter and be able to have awesome presentations for my kids at school!

  76. Cindy Menigo Reply

    I would firstly fill up my car with petrol. Then take my family out for a nice dinner as we havnt been out to a restaurant in months. I would also pay a months school fees for my daughter so I can breathe one month. Buy myself some new underwear and shoes and lastly take my mom and dad out for a nice meal…..

  77. Essayvanie Padayachee Reply

    I would use it on clothes and shoes for my kids and groceries. Maybe even go on a weekend getaway.

  78. I would want to do something amazing for my husband who stands by me and supports me so much and buys me a Cadbury chocolate each week for the last amazing almost 12 years of my life! Love and chocolate makes for a very fulfilling and happy me!

  79. I would give half to a friend who rescues dogs and the rest will go towards debt :)…and a little bit for Cadbury choccies.

  80. If I had R10 000 a day for 60 days I will spend it on:
    1. Pay for my son’s one on one tennis lessons. He is so talented and needs the professional coaching.
    2. I will go to the salon for a professional wash and blow wave every second day. I hate doing my hair.
    3. I will join a body fitness class which is quite expensive.
    4. Buy some new shoes and clothes
    5. Get new reading books for my kids
    6. Buy a grocery hamper every day for the 60 days for people I know who are struggling financially.

  81. Nonceba Lushaba Reply

    I would buy a plane ticket to Norway and a case of bubbly. One of my besties is marrying the man of her dreams at a gorgeous venue. I would love to toast these beautiful people who will step into a new chapter soon.

  82. I would settle some medical debt of an opt Dr wasn’t supposed to do on my 4year old and went horribly wrong. .. and then take my family on a well deserved break after spending a year in and out of hospital ❤

  83. Chad Van Der Rheede Reply

    I would love to spoil my wife and kid we dont have much but I would take them out everyday, for lunch / supper. Play dates and shopping make them feel super special because them mean the world to me.

  84. Aletta Sibiya Reply

    R10 000 ijo…i would 1st pay my kids school fees..Settle all debts that we have( this will be a life changer as one can be able to save more- bond payed off..Phew..) …and finally for the 1st time me and hubby will celebrate our 7yrs anniversary with just the two of us..Go on a holiday and just be girlfriend and Boyfriend for a couple of days.. and have fun without the kids always around(hiding face)..

  85. I would spend the money on a nice holiday with my family away from the business of Gauteng. Perhaps to Mpumulanga where it is so peaceful. And I will also take my daughter shopping.

  86. I would buy food & new cloths for my children. This would be a great gift!!

  87. I would buy food & new cloths for my kids.
    This would be a blessing!!

  88. Teresa Roux Reply

    Well we just found out our son was accepted at Elsenburg to study in Agriculture. So all money will go towards his studies . Every penny counts to make his dream possible.

  89. Paige Viljoen Reply

    I’m getting married in a few months!!!! So I could think of a couple of things I could do. From getting a few pretty dresses and swim wear for the honeymoon, to spoiling my bridesmaids with some treatments or buying all the flowers and fairy lights in the world to make our wedding party perfect!

  90. Mmabatho Moremedi Reply

    When I win R10 000 every day for 60 days, I would wait for it to accumulate until the 60th day and have a total of R600 000. Then I would spend it by injecting capital in my business start up. Go on holiday with my family of 5. Pay upfront school fees for my children for next year and buy school uniform. Buy boxes of Cardburry chocolates which I will use as birthday presents until they run out (of course I will eat some too, lol).

  91. Karlien Van Vuuren Reply

    I would spend the money on shopping for me and my 2 daughters and will treat my 2 rescue maltese to something special.

  92. unica Badenhorst Reply

    I would go visit my Gran in the Northern cape and introduce her to my kids that she has never met in person as i havent seen her in the last 6 years do to financial constants. I will also by my Gran some groceries and take her to Spur for a meal and but her the biggest 5 star chocolate i can find cause it is her favorite.So in a nutshell if i was to win i would put petrol in my car pack the kids and go to the Northern Cape Kuruman and enjoy some time with my Granny and family my gran is 87 year of age and i need to see her white their is still an opportunity she is the one who raised me while my mom was away working. My granny is one amazing woman she tought me what it is to live and give without limits.

  93. Ntswaki tshabalala Reply

    I can take kids who have cerebral palsy to Zoo,have picnic and take them to ride horses,because they are always indoor.I want to show them that I love and appreciate them.

  94. I would invest R9000 into an education fund, and give the other R1000 to a children’s charity.

  95. Chantel van Aswegen Reply

    60 Destinations in 60 days
    Id take my husband on a well deserved roadtrip exploring south Africa’s diverse cultures.

    Each day will be filled with exciting, fun adventurers and activities such as

    Slowly float over the Cradle of Mankind, the Magalies River Valley and the Hartbeespoort Dam with Bill Harrop’s Balloon Safaris.

    Boulders Beach, near Simon’s Town in False Bay, is famed for its resident penguin colony and clean, white sand.

    Oudtshoorn a visit to the Safari Ostrich Farm.

    Ride Elephants in The Addo Elephant National Park.

    Add in some fine dining and luxurious accommodations.

    60 Destinations in 60 Days

  96. Faye Liwanag Reply

    They always say that experiences are way better than material things because its memories that you can hold in your heart forever and no one can ever take that away from you. What could possibly better than to travel and experience life at its best?

    If I win R10 000, the first thing I would do is book a plane ticket back home to the Eastern Cape to spend quality time with my family and secondly, explore the beauty of the rest of SA and go on adventures, explore new places and food. Sometimes a girl just needs time out of the city to relax and have a peace of mind & find herself in the process. This is my definition of living life at its best 👌

  97. Chantel van Aswegen Reply

    60 Destinations in 60 Day

    Id take my husband on a well deserved roadtrip exploring south Africa’s diverse cultures.

    Each day will be filled with exciting, fun adventurers and activities such as

    Slowly float over the Cradle of Mankind, the Magalies River Valley and the Hartbeespoort Dam with Bill Harrop’s Balloon Safaris.

    Boulders Beach, near Simon’s Town in False Bay, is famed for its resident penguin colony and clean, white sand.

    Oudtshoorn a visit to the Safari Ostrich Farm.

    Ride Elephants in The Addo Elephant National Park.

    Add in some fine dining and luxurious accommodations.

    60 Destinations in 60 Days

  98. Marindi Fourie Reply

    I would just really like to treat myself after my 3rd child. Everything goes to them and mom looks old and worn down. I would pay for 10 laser treatments on my stomach that still makes me look 6months pregnant. I would buy banting food so I could lose weight and feel like a woman again. I would have my nails and toe nails done and go colour my hair. And a massage, I am desperate for a massage! And because I am a mom I would buy each of my kids something special💟

  99. Karin Serfontein Reply

    R10000 a day for 60 days… wow. I would try and be good and pay for all the debts and stuff but since this is just a dream and practicality is going our the window…

    I would send my mom and dad to Mauritius for a lovely holiday so my mom can snorkel in the blue ocean. She has been teaching herself to snorkel for about 7 years in the swimming pool with her dream goal to go to Mauritius when she retires. Now she is nearly there after 40 years of teaching so that would be their treat.

    I have never seen the Victorian falls and am terrified of heights so would love to go and take a helicopter flip over them and see one of the w9nders of the world which is right at our doorstep.

    My 4 year old is a Thomas the train addict and even his first words centred around the characters he saw. I would love to take my husband and both boys on an amazing train adventure – a luxury one- where we could sleep on the train and everything.

    My husband loves cats so I would definitely sponsor a kitty shelter with some money to helping the kitties with no homes get spoilt.

    For my little 2 year who loves dinosaurs – would really like to go to a dinosaur theme park similar to the one i saw many years ago at sundwala – not sure that one is still there – so he can see some “real” dinosaurs.

    Finally, I’m not sure what’s let’s over in my dream money, would take all 6 of us to visit my sister who moved to the cape last year And have a lovely long holiday with her. We miss her and my niece loads this side.

    By now I’m sure I’ve spent it all!

  100. Karin Serfontein Reply

    Oh wait and added to my incredibly long post I forgot to include my nan y who I would send to Zimbabwe to see her mom and dad for a long holiday but not on the bus like she usually uses but on the plane – ideally fislrat class version too

  101. Tidi Esther Madibo Reply

    R10 000 for how many days…tjeer you don’t say LOL.
    I will build a toilet for my 92 year old granpapa, he has never had that all his life.
    Then Instanbul will know me yoh, have you seen the shopping at the Grand Bazaar and Meter! I will be found visiting Pamukkale, Bodrum Castle, Library of Celsus and Oludeniz.
    Then make a u-turn to the Cape, to enjoy the Cape Point and then go wine tasting in Stellenbosch topped with strawberry picking Polkadraai Strawberry Farm.

  102. Rachel Maripane Reply

    I would like to win the 10 000 competition for my younger sisters education she’s in grade 11 ,we have no one who can help us we lost our parents some years ago we are three sisters

  103. Cindy turner Reply

    I’d like to think I’d be responsible but nah, it’s my husband and I 3rd year wedding anniversary & would love to dress fancy & go to a molecular gastronomy restaurant. That would be AMAZING!

  104. Melody Zoli Reply

    I would buy tickets for myself and my two daughters to go visit our family in Cape Town. They haven’t seen their grandparents and cousins etc for a year and we can’t afford to go down this year December.

  105. I would give a tenth to my Church, Put away 20% towards a savings account. The rest I would use to sort out my kids for the new school year ( uniforms, shoes, etc) and some groceries. & if there is still any left, treat my family to a nice outing

  106. Ronnae Elliott Reply

    I would put aluminium window frames in my daughters room.

  107. Natisha Singh Reply

    Bought a house 7 years ago and still so much to do. Will definitely fix it.. thanks.

  108. Bernadette Reply

    I’d go out try out my worst fear!!!! The cable cars @ Harties…boy oh boy this is going to be one for the books….

  109. Bernadette Reply

    I would spend it on my boys 18th birthday! We could celebrate with him – sister was in Hospital,I feel so so bad…all the friends was asking what he did etc etc,all he said was his sis was sick,but better now,that’s all that matters….shows I’ve raised a humanly Boy… 🤗 Would like to make up…

  110. Waseema Jaffer Reply

    I would pay my bond, and with the rest help 200 homeless people spend a night in a shelter. I see too many people trying to collect enough money to find a roof over their heads just for the night. If I could do more, id feed them all too.

  111. ELLEN NTHITE Reply

    If I get the chance to win will buy beds for my kids and me, my bed is 15 years old and my daughter bed was passed over to her 7 years ago my win still uses a twin bed and his now 21yrs these could be a great break to be helped to win cash for that,

  112. Kashifa Mcpherson Reply

    Firstly i would like to do something for the under priveledge kids in my area. Maybe a trip to Mcdonalds. Secondly i would really love to spoil my beautiful daughters. I have been unemployed for the past 4 years and not once have they complained about not having things and not being able to afford a cake for thier birthdays for the past 4years so this would really be something special and awesome.

  113. My partner and I have been struggling recently to cover all our bills and medical bills due to a cancer diagnosis. We would definitely use the money to pay those off, and I would buy a bunch of chocolates to treat the nurses when we go for chemo, as they have all been fantastic.

  114. Ziona Nothing Reply

    I would love to go away for a romantic weekend with my husband including lovely food, massages, excursions like game drives, hikes….

  115. I own my own business. I make personilised books for kids. I would use the R10000 to make books and I would give them to children going through cancer treatment. Just love the smile I get each time I guve a book, and that child becimes the hero in the story….

  116. Renee Cloete Reply

    I would spend it on my kids. Firstly my 13year old Daughter has earned her SA Colours to participate at Cheerleading World Championships next year in USA and i would help her get there. My eldest daughter is 17 and i would love to make her chef dream come alive. Then I would treat my other two 9 and 8 years old to room decor of their choice. What is left i would treat myaelf and partner to a weekend away which is very scarce due to kids schedule.

  117. Frances Kiewiets Reply

    I would pay my daughter’s school fees and spend the other to spoil myself.It would be grate to spend it on Christmas gifts.

  118. I would invest R5000 for my daughter for school nextyear and a book a guest house with the money left i need a weekend away with family which we all need now.

  119. I have a child with a learning disability “slow leaner “and every week I must take him for Therapy sessions and I can’t afford it sometime i don’t even take him so if I win I could help my child to get better and to do well at school.

  120. 10 000 smakkers!!! That will be fab! I would use it to pay for my studies… Will be applying and hope I am accepted…

  121. 10000 smakkers!!! How fab!
    I would pay for my studies (applying and hope to get accepted) and go for a well deserved holiday…(haven’t been in years) then I would bank the rest for the next holiday!

  122. Samantha van Niekerk Reply

    I would go on shopping sprees with my teenagers. We all know how they love to shop. I would take my husband to Thailand for our 20th anniversary. Spoil our parents by doing things they always wanted to do but could not. Tick off a few things on my bucket list

  123. Anthea Williams Reply

    The first day would be spent on a shopping spree and treating my boys to an all day buffet, cause I swear both my boys are bottomless pits.
    And all the days would be spent on renovations on my parents house and replacing broken appliances, which is basically almost all.

  124. Aphelele Sawuti Reply

    I would be able to care for my new born baby, be able to provide more.

  125. Kesenogile Mpai Reply

    I will definitely go an buy new lounge suite mine it’s now damaged, I’m feeling ashamed to let friends and family in my house, I desperately need new lounge suite and now with resection and petrol hikes I can’t afford one. People Cardbury make my dream come true. #Cardbury for life.

  126. Kesenogile Mpai Reply

    I would definitely go and buy new lounge suite, I’m feeling so embarrassed to let people in my house cause there’s no place for them to have a good sit and I can’t afford to buy myself a new one. # Cadbury please make my wish and dreams come true. Love Cadbury much much more especially Lunch Bar even I can’t afford much of things but I can still to buy Lunchbar.

  127. I would love to hire a wheelchair accessible van for a few days and take my boyfriend on a proper date 2and a half years ago just after I gave birth he was in an accident and he is a quadriplegic it’s difficult going out in a regular car as it take 2or3people to get him in and out. So we haven’t nlbeen on a date in almost 3 years. I would also invest a chunk of it in my baking business and my son’s education.

  128. Ronnae Elliott Reply

    I would buy outdoor activity play sets for my daughter to create a park play area with summer around the corner. This would be awesome for family time.

  129. Precious Pitjeng Reply

    It’s my birthday on the 9th October, so I will book a getaway in Mauritius or Thailand, a trip away ❤🙌🙏😭

  130. Bernice Bezuidenhout Reply

    I would buy a box of Cadbury’s slab choclates each week instead of each month. As I can not stop loving it!

  131. I would spend that day (when i hear ive won, of cause) just relaxing, stress free and munching on a lunch bar( my fav) . Not having to worry about my son having to start school next year and my twin daughters turning 21… I’m a single mother renting, then I will spend it on school uniform, stationary and spoil us to a day out.

  132. Theresa Vika Reply

    Being debt ridden, hampers one’s ability to ve fully happy and enjoy life, as there is always this cloud hanging over your shoulder.
    I’d use my R10 000.00 to settle my debts and reward my family with a well deserved trip to Paris. We’ll enjoy our Cadbury carefree.

  133. Mpho Mafata Reply

    I have been saving up to take one of those Travelstart Mauritius travel packages with my sister, I would love to do that before I’m 30.

  134. Fazielah Williams Reply

    I am as passionate about Cadbury chocolate as I am about magic and making a difference in children’s lives. I’d donate my R10 000 to the College of Magic, an NGO that trains children from diverse backgrounds in the art of magic. They’re raising funds to semd six of their students on a special educational tour to Las Vegas,the magical capital of the world so the 10K would be well spent.

  135. Limbani Uledi Reply

    I’d pay off some of my debt then go shopping for clothes for my daughter, hubby & hopefully myself 😀

  136. I would pay a few months school fees in advance and also use some of that money towards my son’s next birthday.

  137. Candes Mitchell Reply

    I would pay R2500 towards my grandfather’s medical bills ,R1500 for my daughter’s fundraiser, R1500 for my mother on her birtday to spoil herself (she deserves it),safe R1000 for school stationary/accessories for the new year, R1200 to replace front window of my vehicle, R2000 for a major car service as I’m due for one and R1300 for December holidays .

  138. Ntombizodwa5@gmail Reply

    I would buy my son school uniform, stationary for next year and Christmas clothes and take him out to the movies nothing would make me happier

  139. Ntombizodwa Mfeka Reply

    I would buy my son school uniform and stationary that would be a relief as I’m not working for next year and Christmas clothes of course and take him out to the movies it would bring joy to me and I know he would be a happy boy

  140. Ronnae Elliott Reply

    I would buy my husband a vinyl cutter and some inventory to help his business grow.

  141. 10k for 60 days would be a blessing.
    I would buy a family car, kid out baby no 3 as pregnant. Pay for a years worth of theraphy for my special needs son. Pay for choir tours for my daughter & buy as much groceries as possible which would include a huge cupboard of Cadbury chocolate assortments

  142. Hanli van der Spuy Reply

    Well, I could think up something sassy but what would really happen if I should win R10 000 is Give. Spend. Save. As equally as possible. Save – pretty self explanatory. Give – I really have a need to help someone do a course or some education to up their situation in life. Spend – three things namely exercise equipment (to work of those sweets, because my sweet tooth is real), a treat for me and hubby (probably food or sweets to make good use of the exercise equipment) and my ultimate guilty pleasure these days: art supplies as I have found my love for drawing again.
    So yeah, that’s it! That’s my plan 😀

  143. Arusha Singh Reply

    I would take my son on an awesome holiday and invest for his education. Mum has to do what she has to do

  144. Sarah Stodart Reply

    We just got married but have had to put the honeymoon on hold – I would book us flights to somewhere fantastic!

  145. Malefu Moleleki Reply

    I would buy return plane tickets for my mom and niece to fly to Johannesburg from Lesotho for a nice weekend getaway and just shop

  146. Megan Pringle Reply

    I’d love to be able to finish renovations on our bathroom! For a year now we have sat with cement floors and exposed bricks after a terrible leak which lifted all the tiles. 🙁
    The rest I’d put away for Christmas x

  147. Palesa moruri Reply

    I will pay my debts and pay for registration for next year for school,and whatever is left of it I’ll spoil my self

  148. Carmel Peters Reply

    I would love to be stress free for I’m a single mom, my son starting school next year and my twin daughters needs stationary too. Would love to have a very nice Xmas to just shop and of cause to buy a few chocs, munch on a lunch bar…

  149. Mokekane Makanyane Reply

    With R10k! I would build a wall fence at my home’s backyard, I almost got hit with an empty bottle of beer by my neighbor earlier. I’ve no idea why he keep throwing dirts in my yard whereas he’s the head of his family. Charity begins at home so I wouldn’t be surprised if his children behave the same way. With The rest of the money, I’ll buy myself a new 4G cellphone device, my current one is dramatically fed up.

  150. Aletta Sibiya Reply

    R10 000 ijo…i would 1st pay my kids school fees..Settle all debts that we have( this will be a life changer as one can be able to save more- bond payed off..Phew..) …and finally for the 1st time me and hubby will celebrate our 7yrs anniversary with just the two of us..Go on a holiday and just be girlfriend and Boyfriend for a couple of days.. and have fun without the kids always around(hiding face)..

  151. Sylvia M Msiza Reply

    I would like to spoil my children it has been a while since they enjoyed themselves but that will not happen now because I will pay for my daughter school fees I am behind.

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