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Unlikeable on-screen female characters are often problematic. It seems that we are often more likely to forgive the flaws of male characters, dubbing them anti-heroes, rather than just writing them off as horrible people.

And I include myself in this flawed thought process; upon watching Camping, Lena Dunham’s latest project, I was struck by the way in which I detest the main character, Kathryn McSorley-Jodell, a highly strung, chronically ill mother of one portrayed by Jennifer Garner.


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What’s it all about?

The series is inspired by a British television production of the same name and is produced by the comedy duo Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner. If you are a Girls fan, you would be able to spot the unique style and take on female characters courtesy of these two.

Dunham, who has been very open about her own struggles with endometriosis and chronic pain, does not necessarily take a sympathetic view of the main character. Instead, she does not spare any laughs at her expense and positions her as annoying (for lack of a better word).

So, do they actually go camping?

Yes, and it includes all the fun of actual camping. There are fires, tents, flashlights, fishing and more. What really makes this setting interesting is that although it is presented in the great outdoors, the characters are actually quite isolated and enclosed in this one space – which obviously makes for great comedy.

The set is also quite beautiful. Keep an eye out for episode 4, where they venture out and meet some fellow-campers. Their neighbours have a beautiful boho-feel to their campsite that will give you all those glamping feels. The campsite is run by Alison, played by the hilarious Busy Philipps.


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I’ll give it a try, where can I have a look?

Love her or hate her, Kathryn McSorley-Jodell can also be relatable, for those type A personalities among us, and therefore makes the series worth checking out. Showmax is making the episodes available as they are released in the US for you to stream.


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