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It’s 6:30 in the evening; I’m chilling on the couch and ready to indulge in some much anticipated series-binging, only to find that our WiFi has been cut off. Again. This realisation prompts a pretty half-hearted scroll through social media. The only problem is that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter forms part of my day-to-day work routine as a social media manager, which inevitably leads me to YouTube.

Ah, YouTube. The safe haven of every experienced procrastinator.

Over the last few months I have refined my YouTube algorithm to suit my whims, and I’ve ended up with some pretty cool gems across all genres.

Here are a couple of my favourite YouTube channels.


In the mood to draw, but no talent and/or motivation? Not to worry, there’s a channel for that!

Drawfee is a channel that features illustrators Nathon, Jacob and Julia, and a few of their friends, who “take your dumb ideas and make even dumber drawings!”

This trio takes one suggestion from the audience each week to create sometimes comic, sometimes creepy, always awesome doodles. Think Disney meets Darksouls, or drawing Pokemon characters from memory.

Throw in some witty banter, some insane drawing skills and you have twenty minutes of pure entertainment.

Catch up on the tea with Angelika Oles

Here’s a (not so much) secret fact about me: I love drama. Not getting involved in it, so much, because that’s tiring, but watching it unfold in front of me. So I feel like I absolutely hit the jackpot when I stumbled across 19 year old Polish-born Angelika Oles ranting about the Jaclyn Hill lipstick saga.

Her channel focuses on social commentary, exposés and occasional rants, but before you think, “Oh just another chick with some strong opinions,” this kid does her homework. Her arguments are rational and quick witted.

Apart from that, her makeup is always on fleek.

Indulge in some spooky cases with Buzzfeed Unsolved

I’m a scaredy cat, guys. I love some Supernatural, but even that gets my heart going. But or some reason Buzzfeed Unsolved popped up as a recommended channel on my YouTube feed, possibly due to all the Supernatural clips that I’ve been watching.

I have to say that I have been flat-out binging these videos for the past week, and although Ryan and Shayne, the two “ghost-hunters to be” are unable to prove without a shadow of a doubt that ghosts do actually exist, I’ve been enjoying the jumpscares, the reactions and the creepy stories behind the so-called hauntings.

If you like a little bit of an adrenaline rush, but nothing to keep you up at night, I’d suggest giving this channel a check.

Trying to be an adult with The Financial Diet

I’m trying to be better with my money. Keyword: trying. But I do feel that since this channel was recommended to me by a fellow 9Lives writer, my spending habits have improved a little. This channel features Chelsea Fagan and focuses on the purchases and spending habits that you should pay attention to if you’re looking to improve your financial status.

The channel is very realistic and helps provide tips and tricks to improving your life while saving money at the same time.

Glam and Gore

A massive YouTube favourite of mine is Glam and Gore. I love love love this channel! Mykie, the star of Glam and Gore, refers to all her followers as Zombaes, and is a professional makeup- and special effects artists. Her channel is a mix of more traditional product reviews, makeup tutorial, special effects tutorials, and more recently, visiting the sites of apparent hauntings.

Mykie, with her frenetic kind of energy and cute Alaskan Klee Kai dog named Ripley, is highly entertaining due to her banter and great content.

Getting inspired with Rachelleea

Sometimes you just need a little bit of inspiration to help you clean your house, make healthier choices, or just generally get your life together. That’s why Rachelleea’s channel is under my subscription list.

I’ll pop on a video and let it play in the background as she goes about her day, listening in to her tips on staying productive, speed cleaning her house or setting goals.

It’s really cathartic in a manner.

Kenna – A biochemist’s perspective

Ever wondered whether the products you’re using on your body are actually any good for you? Well, 21 year old Kenna Whitnell is a biochemist student that does product reviews and uses her knowledge to discern whether scrubbing your face with sugar crystals is good for your skin, which chemicals you should not be using, and which products are actually worth it.

Her straight-up no-nonsense attitude is refreshing and she clearly knows her stuff. A definite win for science babes.

Even cooler? She’s launched her very own brand by the name of Atilis Beauty that uses sustainable and plant based ingredients.

You can check out some of our previous favourite YouTube channels like HiHo kids here, or favourite YouTube film classics here.


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