Finally, a foundation that doesn’t transfer!

I love foundation. I love the fact that a quick touch-up can give me flawless skin and a glowing appearance. I hate the fact that foundation tends to transfer on everything. I’m terrified of hugging someone wearing white for fear of actually rubbing off on them. And when I had my baby, I stopped wearing foundation altogether, not wanting to smear it on her clothes and face as she nuzzled into my neck.

Of course there are ways to set your foundation in place, using primers and powders and fixing mists. And most brands have managed to improve their formulations to make their products stick. But nothing I’ve tried (and I’ve tried quite a few, trust me) seemed to be 100% transfer-proof.

So when the new Chanel Ultra Le Teint foundation landed on my desk, I longed to try it but hesitated. Would it live up to its long-wear promise? Finally I took it home for a test-drive.

Since all my makeup brushes and sponges were in want of a wash (I’m a mom, who has time for that?), I pumped a single dose onto my fingertips and blended it onto my skin. The coverage was fantastic. The application was completely effortless and it seemed to melt away over my skin. It felt ultra lightweight and the finish was velvet matt, without the slightest whisper of a cakey appearance. Honestly, I was in love.

But would it come off?

Without washing my hands I picked up my concealer, thinking the compact would now be covered in foundation smears. A faint fingerprint remained. Well, that was promising. Throughout the day I kept checking for signs of transfer – my daughter’s shirt, my clothes, my husband’s collar. I really had to squint for telltale traces.

I had actually found a foundation that does not budge!

I have used this foundation for over a month and I am completely sold. It has been formulated with a Perfect Skin Complex, which resists water, sebum, heat and humidity to give you a smooth finish all day long. At the same time they’ve added a Silicone Soft Focus Powder which creates that even look, illuminating dark areas and correcting imperfections. This is a clever addition because it gives you an even-tone without the need for heavy coverage. And finally, vegetable-origin glycerin helps to keep the skin comfortable and moisturised all day long.

Being Chanel, the foundation has a steep price point but you can get away with very little at each application so it will last. Plus you get what you pay for. So if you’re willing to splurge a little on foundation – I am that kind of person – give this one a go. I’d recommend it for normal to oilier skin types – though it faired really well on my dry skin too.

Chanel Ultra le Teint retails for R925 from select Woolworths and Edgars stores.


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