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Stuck on the perfect gift for that special someone? In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a stunning fragrance. It’s an ultimate luxury, a spoil that many people won’t buy for themselves, and everyone loves spritzing on a divine scent.

But how do you choose a perfume for someone else? What if they don’t like it? Well here’s the thing: Picking a perfume means you need to pay attention to that person and that makes it even more special. So what types of scents do they normally wear? Are they more into cocktails or dark red wines? Do they enjoy hiking in the mountains or swanky soirees? All these will help you select a fragrance that can speak to their heart.

Here are a few of my favourites

Something for him: Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Absolu

From R990, select department stores

Armani never fails when it comes to elegant, utterly seductive scents. I instantly fell for this fragrance and I’d love to spritz it on my hubby. It has a fresh, fruity character to start with, which mellows into subtle spices and finally leaves a linger of warm, aromatic woody notes. Delicious.

For the ever-glamorous night owl: Bulgari Goldea The Roman Night Absolute

From R965, select department stores

Imagine the seduction of a warm night in Rome, dressed up in a glittering evening gown. That’s what this fragrance is all about, offering an sensual mix of black musk, warm fruit, patchouli and jasmine. It’s a fragrance for the powerful, independent, elegant and fiercely alluring woman in your life. I think it’s just beautiful.

For the haute couture dame: Chanel N°5 Red Edition

R2 725 for 100ml, select department stores

This fiery limited edition is sure to entice that most-sophisticated lady in your life. For the first time in the history of the House, the legendary clear-glass bottle designed by Mademoiselle Chanel is donning a cloak of red. The juice remains the same iconic scent that has captured women’s attention for generations, with an intoxicating blend of woody, powdery and floral notes.

For the ambitious go-getter: Elizabeth Arden My Fifth Avenue

From R625, select department stores

Inspired by the iconic street in New York City, My Fifth Avenue has been created for the ambitious woman thriving to make her mark. At the same time it’s bright and light hearted, with top notes of lemon and mandarin followed by soft jasmine at the heart, and sweet woods on the linger.

For the it-girl: Elie Saab Girl of Now Shine

From R845, select department stores

Girl of Now Shine is the perfect choice for that alluring, ultra-feminine woman; the one who just has a way of drawing people to her, whether she’s dressed to the nines for a sophisticated shindig, or kicking off her sandals at a casual beach party. You’ll catch hints of sparkling pineapple and toasted pistachio, wrapped in voluptuous white flowers, with seductive vanilla at the finish. I’m shamelessly obsessed with this one.

For the girl on the town: Jimmy Choo Fever

R1 310 for 100ml, , select department stores

You know that girl who is always the life of the party? Parading in nine-inch heels like it’s nobody’s business, ever glamorous, stealing hearts as she moves through a room? She’ll love this. Jimmy Choo Fever is a hypnotic blend of floral and gourmand elements, kicking off with notes of black plum, lychee and grapefruit, which leads into a warm heart of vanilla orchid and jasmine, and finally settles into roasted Tonka bean and sandalwood notes.

For the young at heart: YSL Mon Paris

From R960, select department stores

Fruity, sweet, light and bright, YSL Mon Paris has all the charm of Paris in the summer. It’s perfect for that young, fun, flirtatious woman in your life, filled with passion and a sense of freedom. You’ll catch notes of citrus and berries on the first, followed by a soft, white floral heart and herbaceous woody notes on the finish.

For that fierce female: Giorgio Armani Si Passione

From R1 070, select department stores

Si Passione is for that fiercely passionate, sophisticated, sensual woman, always ready to follow her heart. The fragrance combines intense vanilla with the blooms of rose, heliotrope and jasmine to create a sensual, fruity floral scent. It’s vivid and absolutely enticing.

Which of these would you put on your wish list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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