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Becoming a mom has filled up my heart like an oversized balloon, and given me so much joy this year. But becoming a mom has also meant putting baba’s needs above my own. I wouldn’t call it a sacrifice, it’s simply more fun to spoil my little one. Money for that new outfit, favourite red lipstick, the new Jamie Oliver cookbook, instead gets pushed towards the cutest outfits, books, toys or, most of the time, the diaper stock pile. So this Christmas, I wouldn’t mind being pampered a little. I mean, ideally I’d love an entire day at a spa with a full body massage, bottomless G&Ts and zero mom duties. But if that can’t happen, I’d take anything on this wish list.

If there’s a new mom in your life, make a note of these gift ideas.

The Cotton Company Aztec Turkish Towel in Sage


The Cotton Company Aztec Turkish Towel in Sage 9Lives Christmas Gifts

I just love these 100% cotton Turkish towels by local brand, The Cotton Company. Aside from being gorgeous, they are super practical and versatile. They make beautiful, lightweight summer towels and can just as easily be used as a light baby blanket. I am slowly building up my collection and every one of my towels from The Cotton Company have given me only joy. If you know someone who loves a little bath time ritual, this is a great gift idea.

Diemersdal Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019


9Lives Christmas Gifts Diemersdal Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019

This year Diemersdal caused great excitement in the wine community with their Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. It was made exclusively for Diemersdal in Marlborough, New Zealand, a region that is highly acclaimed for producing beautifully tropical Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a treat for South African wine lovers, offering the chance to taste the flavours of this extraordinary wine region, right here in South Africa.

Lulu & Marula Nourishing Facial Kit

R800, lulu&

9Lives Christmas Gifts Lulu & Marula Nourishing Facial Kit

As a new mom, I get very little time for myself. My bed-time skincare routine is my time to pause, breathe and indulge a little. I love this skincare set from local brand Lulu & Marula. The products are made from a blend of natural ingredients, and endorsed by Beauty without Cruelty. They’re also absolutely delicious to use. The cleansing balm dissolves daily dirt and can be followed by their mild skin polish to remove dead skin cells. Then you spritz on the refreshing mist before ending with the luxurious skin oil.

Good Clothing oversized tote / backpack, Mungo & Jemima

R580, Mungo & Jemima

9Lives Christmas Gifts Good Clothing oversized tote

When you become a mom, you immediately discover the need for really large bags. A trip to the great outdoors requires extra outfits, toys, snacks, blankets, books and whatever else you can think of. This bag by Good Clothing can be worn as a tote or a backpack, and it’s the perfect size to carry your whole life with you. This print is from their winter collection so snatch one ASAP if you can find it in a Mungo & Jemima store.

Pure Beginnings Organic Baby gift set


9Lives Christmas Gifts Pure Beginnings Organic Baby gift set

Pure Beginnings is one of my all-time favourite baby brands. This gift set is a great idea for a new mom (save it for those upcoming baby showers), allowing them to try a small size before they buy – plus you really need very little of everything with a tiny newborn. Now that my baba is a bit bigger, these smaller sizes are great to pop in the nappy bag in case I need to give her a quick bath away from home. The set includes a Soothing Baby Wash & Shampoo, Soothing Baby Lotion and Baby Bum Cream.


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