Say hello to Cape Town’s first non-alcoholic botanical micro-brewery

I’ve already raved about the coffee and decadent treats at Coco Safar in Sea Point, Cape Town’s latest caffeinated hot spot. And now there’s another reason to hop over. Get your next superfood fix from their new botanical micro-brewery, where they’re creating four house-brewed drinks made completely from natural botanical ingredients and superfoods.

This is particularly exciting for those who are looking for non-alcoholic beverages that aren’t laced with tons of sugar (these contain a small amount of 100% pure maple syrup). You can get a range of lightly sparkling bottled drinks to sip at the cafe, or to take home, and they should be popping up in various other spots across South Africa soon.

Coco Safar’s signature Botanical Couture Collection of beverages is micro-brewed on-site in Sea Point. The rooibos is brewed for 96 hours, almost like you would beer, but with zero % alcohol, while the coffee is brewed for 24 hours. You can also get a tonic water infused with rooibos served on tap.

To add to the experience, you can sit by the bar and watch their mixologists whip up decadent haute couture floats, showcasing their house-spun gelato and sorbets made in their on-site Atelier.

The range consists of a rich and refreshing Red Rooibos Cold Brew, a subtle and herbaceous Green Rooibos Cold Brew, an elegant and invigorating Coffee-Citrus Cold Brew (my personal favourite) and a Rooibos-Infused Tonic Water. Aside from being really good, they’re also seriously pretty, with beautifully designed copper-foiled Coco Safar bottles.

The Coco Safar botanical micro-brewery is situated at its new flagship store, accessible at street-level at the new Artem Galleria, 277 Main Road Sea Point, Cape Town.

For more information, visit, email or call +27 21 433 0490.


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