Coco Safar has opened a swanky new restaurant/roastery/patisserie/rooibos tea brewery in Sea Point, giving you the perfect excuse to break up with your healthy new year’s resolutions. They were doomed anyway.

It’s a space where a love for luxury travel meets a love for Cape Town and South Africa. Just about everything from the tables to the pastry has been made by local artisans, hand crafted, carefully chosen, stitched together with meticulous detail. The result is a casual but sophisticated space that is both elegant and welcoming.

Located at the entrance of the new Artem Center, this upmarket spot is serving up seriously good coffee that gets roasted on the spot, as well as delicate desserts that might even convince the French. But they’re not just good for a caffeine fix: Coco Safar is also creating home-brewed rooibos teas, aged in barrels, served either as crazy-good rooibos latte’s or as cool tonics. Trust me, you’ll easily swap your G&T for one of these.

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Coco Safar is consists of a few elements . On entering the mall you’ll find the restaurant on your left, the tea brewery ahead of you, and on the right you can see the chocolatier and the roastery. Here they create their unique coffees with some seriously fancy machinery. They are home to the world’s first Spirit Idrocompresso espresso machine, exclusively made in Holland by Kees van der Westen for Coco Safar. The coffee snobs are drooling right now, but for the rest of us plebs that just means you’re getting a damn good cuppa.

I’m not just talking flat whites and cortados here. They serve special creations like a carob, orange and cardamom latté, which is like a warm hug in a cup. And I’m definitely going back to try the turmeric and thyme latté. There’s also a range of cooling drinks like their sparkling citrus coffee cold brew that really hits the spot on a scorching summer’s day.

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For those who can’t get too jacked up on caffeine, no worries. They have a nice range of rooibos-based creations too, as well as fresh juices like pineapple, orange, strawberry and mint.

You can also shop coffee to take home. I am personally super excited about their bio-capsule coffee range, with compostable plastic capsules that can fit your Nespresso! That’s right, aside from the foil, these capsules break down completely – which is a major win for Mother Earth. They are also working on paper seals to replace the foil in order to make these completely eco-friendly. Brilliant.

They have a large selection of coffee capsules to choose from, as well as rooibos capsules (called Kaapstad and Stellenbosch) that can be used with your machine.


Food-wise you’ll be equally happy. They have a nice breakfast and lunch selection, with options that should suit most dietary requirements. Try the goats cheese savoury tart, with waver-thin pastry and sweet caramelised onions. Or the lamb bobotie with pineapple, apricot, mango chutney and yogurt –  a delicious spin on the South African classic. I’m also keen to go back to try the bao buns, superbowl and their lemon poppy waffle.

Now let’s get to the sweet stuff: Shiny, paper-thin chocolate swirls and twirls balanced on delicate mousses and jellys, soft cakes covered in smooth-as-glass frosting and glistening tarte tatins. This is where you go to cheat on your diet, and you won’t feel even a smidgen of guilt.

And if after all this you still feel like spending money, swing on over to their little shop and stock up on cook books, coffee accessories and crockery straight from France.


In general the prices aren’t bad. Breakfasts start at R75 (or R45 for a Toast & Cheese), and mains are priced from R85 to R135. It’s fairly on par with Cape Town eatery prices.

Final thoughts

As you can probably tell I am pretty excited about Coco Safar. I expected them to be just another commercial faux-fancy joint so I was thrilled when I found a space that is filled with passion for Coffee, Cape Town, and great food.

Coco Safar is located in the Artem Center (former Adelphi Center), Sea Point. For more information, visit


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