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I consider gifting a gesture of thankfulness and appreciation, and therefore I will always search for something that gives me that “a-ha” moment when I see it. As gifting has many actions to it, it’s even more special when people receive something that has been tailor picked by you, and what can be more hand-picked than a coffee gift guide? 

That being said, coffee lovers are a diverse lot, but the love from one aficionado to another is ever so strong. Also, never have I met a mild coffee lover – it’s completely coffee crazy or nothing.

My gift guide was, of course, inspired by my love for coffee and the wide variety of blends and beans. Speaking for myself, my coffee corner is always ready to greet me in the mornings or award me after a long day at work. 

Plunger / French Press


Besides brewing good coffee, a pretty plunger makes a stunning décor-piece for your coffee table or kitchen. Plunger coffee is all about the experience, there’s something about scooping the coffee by hand and pushing down the filter manually that makes you feel like a boujee enthusiast. They are available in various sizes, even this cute mini one, for those from-me-to-me moments. 

Buying the right size is, however, more important than you think. If you ask any coffee lover you will hear that it is of vital importance to pour out all the coffee after you pressed down the plunger. That is because this manual brewing item never stops brewing, and if your coffee brews for too long it can get bitter. A safe size will be a 1-litre size that can brew between 4 to 8 cups at a time. 

Coffee Plunger / French Press

Stylish coasters

Tread & Miller – it was a gift, but here are similar ones from Yuppiechef

What is a coffee table without some aesthetically pleasing coasters? These multi-purpose little gems are an easy way to decorate a table.  Whether you like a classic, minimalist design or something playful and creative, one can simply never have enough. I have a collection of coasters that I choose from according to my guests (yes, I’m THAT person) because a fun design can lighten any mood.

Stylish Coasters

99% cocoa Lindt chocolate

The 99% cocoa chocolate is available at any Lindt store near you

I recently visited a Lindt-shop to satisfy my sweet tooth and was introduced to their new Dark Chocolate edition which contains 99% cocoa. Even for a fan of dark chocolate like me, it raised some eyebrows. But then the shop assistant recommended I pair it with some espresso and needless to say my curiosity got the best of me! I wasn’t disappointed when I felt that the strong cocoa-coffee combination melting on my palate. If you are open to trying new things or have a friend that loves dark chocolate, this addition will add significant satisfaction to your afternoon caffeine quench. 

99% cocoa Lindt Chocolate

Compostable capsules and creative coffee

Terbodore compostable capsules

If you want to keep it safe and simple, this is the go-to choice. Even though us coffee lovers like to taste and try different flavours or blends, we sometimes still get stuck with our typical pick. That’s why a packet of various blends or brands are always an exciting surprise! Or if your friend has one of those nifty Nespresso machines, you can opt for a jar of assorted capsules. Coffee companies like Terbodore have released new compostable capsules so you can buy with good conscience. Place the capsules in a glass jar and voíla

Glass Cups


Who doesn’t love a good ol’ coffee cup? With so many pretty designs available, your coffee will look like a product straight off a Pinterest pinboard. I got my hands on these doubled walled cups made of Borosilicate glass, which means it will not crack with extreme temperature changes and they’re more resistant to thermal shock. In simpler terms, it gives you the look and feel of regular glass, but won’t burn your hands.

Glass cups

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