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At the front of the pizza-making frontier is Col’Cacchio. Banting, vegan and vegetarian friendly, carb-conscious…. And now? Now we have cannabis pizzas!

Yes, you read that correctly. Col’Cacchio has teamed up with CBD manufacturer Africanpure to create another South African first: pizza with a touch of cannabis. Uhm, eat pizza and chill out? When given the chance to try out SA’s first ever CBD pizzas, we could not say yes fast enough!

The vegetarian Green Goddess, with grilled baby marrow, fresh basil and feta, and the Not-So-Plain Mary Jane, with chicken, peppadews, roasted mushrooms and avocado dressing, both get a little something extra…. Four sprays of CBD oil which equal to about 20mg of the stuff.

Can you taste it? Well, we tried and tested them (for the sake of our readers, of course), and honestly, we couldn’t pick up on anything other than the taste of some delicious pizza.

So… the real question: will it get us high?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is the more calming, medicinal derivative of cannabis. The oil that tops our new favourite gourmet pizzas have next to no THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which are the hallucinogenic derivatives. The short answer? No, you won’t get a high from eating the pizzas. Just a little bit of elation than comes from some seriously good carbs.

Are there any legal issues?

Kinga Baranowska, Col’Cacchio co-founder, said that the brand has always been at the forefront of the pizza industry, the first to go banting-friendly, carb-conscious and vegan. So while there are other businesses that are already using CBD products in their food, Col’Cacchio is the first pizzeria to do so. As for any legal issues, the 20mg dosage is well within the safety limit of a Schedule 0 drug, you can’t overdose on it, and it is safe to consume. Besides, the South African National Department of Health has made it legal for CBD to be bought and consumed in the country. No legal issues to worry about.

A little more on the CBD

Africanpure is one of the continent’s top CBD brands, and for good reason. Mike Saunders, Africanpure co-founder, explained that all their products are imported from the EU (Switzerland, predominantly) and undergo rigorous testing both before and after processing and packaging. It’s also certified organic and pesticide free, and has transparent traceability, which means that you can track the origins of where your source of calm originated.

Is it worth it?

We certainly thought so, and even went back for seconds the day after the launch! The best part? It can be added to any of the meals on the Col’Cacchio menu. It’s going to cost you R25 extra (basically cheaper than avo during out-of-season), but anything from pastas to salads can be transformed. And yes, it is child-friendly.


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