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Roses are red

Lockdown leaves us blue

So grab your pencils

and add some other colours too!

The skies are turning grey as we are heading into autumn and our fourth week of lockdown. But here at 9Lives we prefer to look on the bright side! Enjoy the next two weeks inside with a cup of coffee, our lockdown-playlist and our very own 9Lives colouring book.

This one is for everyone in South Africa. Because no matter if you are an extrovert, introvert, or in-between-trovert (jk, I know it’s called an ambivert) you are definitely bored out of your mind right now. I know I am. And it’s in these times that the creative in me is trying everything to keep me sane. The lockdown got me doing anything from photography challenges, all the way to baking banana breads (sorry Schalk B) and now also compiling an adult colouring book for 9Lives.

Here’s a sneak peak of the 8-pager you can download at the bottom of the article:


So next time you’re feeling a bit bored or depressed about sitting at home, rather skip on the salmonella challenge that’s doing the rounds on social media, and take it out on a piece of paper. You’re welcome!

(Who knows what the two-week extension will do to me, so stay tuned for version two.)

You can download the full pdf below.

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