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I’m of the opinion that we aren’t living our most authentic lives. We are constantly seeking approval and love in a fast-paced world where the number of Instagram followers you have defines the person within. 

All of us have experienced some kind of pressure from the outside world, a pressure to be popular and accepted. Just the other day I met a guy in his 20s that is creating a massive business without the hustle that I was told is needed to be successful. I envied this guy. But then I remembered the authentic night I spent at the Biorhythm event in Cape Town. And just like that I turned my back on all the bullshit that the 20-something  shit bag told me and headed in the direction of Matinino and Biorhythm team. 

What is Biorhythm?

Biorhythm is an experiment in showcasing music videos live before they are launched online in order to give both musicians and the audience back the tangibility and authenticity of personally presenting and receiving artwork. 

How does Biorhythm work? 

Biorhythm is an event that consists of a 4 part series where featured musicians can perform their music, showcasing their own media, and for visual artists to gain exposure and recognition in an intimate exchange. The music videos screened at these events are exclusively available for viewing live up until the last event which will take place at the beginning of September. 

Biorhythm #1

On Saturday, 13 July, I walked through the doors of Yours Truly on Loop Street in Cape Town, got myself a beer and waited in anticipation for what this wonderfully weird event had in store for me. In a small intimate room a few authentic souls like myself took our seats and watched the launch of the first music video The Garden. I want to tell you all about this beautiful music video but I’m on an authentic trip, and in respect for the wonderful musician, Matinino, I’m going to keep my mouth shut. But I will tell you this, when watching this music video a sense of exploration and adventure will overflow you. When that feeling comes, and I promise you it will, grab your shoes and go on that adventure. 

Biorhythm Matinino Musician

After the last visuals of the music video graced me, Matinino came on stage and gave a heart-wrenching performance. With a voice so pure, lyrics full of power and interesting sounds that she captures on her loop pedal, her music left me and the rest of the authentic souls around me stunned. 

“Yes, before you ask, the next music video was shot with a cellphone,” Matinino said about the next music video that we were about to see.

She introduced Twigs And Strings as not perfect, just like when you take photos with a cell phone instead of a big fancy ass camera. And that’s how love and relationships are. Not perfect. With those last words she left us with the raw Twigs And Strings. So simple, but so complex. 

Just as I thought the authenticity couldn’t get any more. Matinino pointed to a book in the corner of the room and told us to finish the story for her. The music video of Twigs And Strings is unfinished and we can decide how the story needs to end. For me there is something beautiful about an unfinished story so I left without trying to fix the ending to be as I want it to be. But I can’t wait to see how it turned out. I had this feeling as I looked around  at all the people that attended this sensational event with me, that the ending is going to be pretty damn good. 

Matinino’s music was accompanied with photographs taken by the talented Mia Truter hanging all around us. Live projection art by Jannah and Charlie Martinson ( can make you feel alive with the art they are projecting. And the inspiring feature artist, Roelien Brink. But hey! The authenticity, tangibility and magic doesn’t stop at Yours Truly.

You can be authentic and tangible with me at the next 3 Biorhythm sessions:

27 July 2019 @ Striped Horse, Kloof Street

17 August 2019 @ Raptor Room

13 September @ House of H

Yes, I still stand by my first sentence, we don’t live our best authentic life. I can’t blame us with all the technology and social media around us. But you can choose authenticity. You can choose to be part of the magic. You can choose Biorhythm. 

So close your eyes, listen to this song and I’ll see you at the next event.

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