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Today marks the 5th day of the 9Lives team deciding to take part in social distancing and doing our part to self quarantine as a result of the Coronavirus. Working in social media, I quickly saw how one gig after the next was being cancelled, and had sad musicians telling us that our safety is more important than the next guitar riff. Now,  I suddenly have all my weekends wide open for Love is Blind on Netflix, and subsequently came across an article by Texx and the City entitled “Love and cancelled gigs in the time of the Coronavirus – how you can help your entertainment industry.”

In President Cyril Ramaphosa’s speech on 15 March he made two points that rocked the entertainment industry, more than the iceberg rocked the Titanic. The first is that gatherings of more than 100 people have been prohibited and the second is that SA citizens be advised to refrain from traveling to at-risk countries. This has had a huge impact on the local music industry as we see event after event get cancelled and/or postponed. 

In this sad article Tecla Ciolfi argues that we should keep on supporting the local music industry even if it’s not in the form of attending a gig or a festival. I decided to slide into the DMs of the TATC Team’s Instagram account and offer some help in whatever way I can. 

It’s in the little things, such as making a playlist and sharing releases of South African musos all over social media. Now it’s time to shuffle that Apple Music playlist over and over for as long as this virus plays havoc with our industry. 

Even if we just all give this playlist a few listens and share it with our fellow self-isolated mates we can save the guys that save us on a daily basis. 

Listen to my Outbreak Of The Local Musicians playlist on Apple Music here:

If you are a musician or know one out there and I’ve missed your song on my playlist, comment below and I will update the playlist and dance to your song all day long.


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