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The first ever Cape Town Coffee Festival took place against a backdrop of the majestic and historic Castle of Good Hope this weekend, and I had the amazing opportunity to attend, getting buzzed on caffeine in the process.

As a seriously cool initiative, all the profits from the day will be donated to Project Waterfall and local charity Woza. This initiative supports life-changing projects and youth employment.

Experiences the likes of Latte Art Live, Coffee Lab, African Coffee Experience and a live music stage and coffee cocktail bar, to name but a few, were in store for us. This weekend was precisely what any coffee enthusiast or caffeine addict could have wished for to enjoy coffee and everything that goes with it in a new, exciting and immersive manner.

With my boyfriend in tow, I pretty much power walked to our first destination, the African Coffee Experience, to sample our first coffee of the day, graciously provided by the gents of Origin Coffee Roasters. In the same building was Bean There (I know, cute right?) and Father Coffee, along with an interactive Ace Collaborative Stage that held demonstrations throughout the day. These included the SCA flavour wheel tasting and “Cup the Continent”, which focused on the unique and distinct flavours provided by coffees that originate from all Africa, hosted by the three exhibitors present.

Completely intrigued by the sheer number of coffee-related stalls and products, I ended up missing the Swan Latte Masterclass, but made it to “Free-Pour Latte Art Inspired by Nature”. Talk about really cool latte art! Anyone ever wanted a horse made of cappuccino foam? Because apparently, that is actually possible.

A few really cool talks took place during the day as well, with Jono Le Feuvre from Rosetta Roastery leading the day with a discussion on how much we should be paying for our coffees, even bringing baristas into the equation.

Along with big names like Woolworths, Vida E Caffe, and yes, even Starbucks, there were a huge number of smaller exhibitors that provided everything from eco-friendly coffee cups like Recup, South Africa’s first coffee cup exchange programme that was actually launched in Cape Town on Saturday 1 June, dairy-free milk alternatives from Alpro, yummy delights like cronuts provided by Schoon and coffee kombucha from Culture Lab.

I even had the chance to try out the world’s strongest coffee from 7th Psychopath. Strongest in caffeine content, I was later told when I remarked on the pleasantly mild taste. I stopped by afterwards to buy a pack of their amusingly titled “Befok” coffee beans.

My caffeine fueled adventures ended with a White Russian that included, yes, you guessed it, a shot of espresso. Yum.


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