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Ever since Rage released on Showmax last year, I’ve been so keen to dig my teeth into more South African thrillers and horrors. We had a sneak-peek at the first two episodes of DAM that releases on Showmax today and trust us, it’ll have you at the edge of your seat.

What’s it about?

The series is set in the Eastern Cape (the landscape shots of the EC is one of my favourite things about the entire series) and revolves around the lives of two sisters who recently lost their father in a freak accident. He leaves the farm to one of the sisters, Lea Vivier (you’ll remember her from Wonderlus), but it turns out to be more of a curse than a blessing. The series falls firmly into the psychological thriller genre.

And what’s to like?

I have to say that Lea Vivier absolutely shines in the role of Yola Fischer. She has such prominent facial features and the camera absolutely loves her for it. The director, Alex Yazbek, makes use of traditional horror tropes (think Hitchcock) such as light plays and sound effects, and together with Vivier’s performance, makes for really good watching.

On the topic of the audiovisual treatment of the series, I constantly felt as though the first two episodes of DAM should actually be viewed as a full cinema immersive experience. The sounds, lighting and cinematography pulls you into the story, puts you on the edge of your seat and yes, it does scare you. The very first scene in the first episode is one of the most striking things I’ve seen and something that will stay with you for some time, and I do fancy myself a bit of a horror / thriller aficionado.

Except for Vivier, also look out for Pallance Dladla’s performance as Themba. I was so impressed by the gentleness with which he approached his character in the first two episodes, and the chemistry between him and Viviers is palpable. There is a bit of self-destructive recklessness to Vivier’s character, and that contrasts very effectively with Dladla’s Themba, whichmakes for a very convincing lamb-to-slaughter situation.

You’ll also see some other familiar faces like Antoinette Louw (Die Laaste Tango), Laudo Liebenberg (frontman of aKing), Gerald Steyn (Meisies wat Fluit) and Neil Sandilands (The 100, Orion). The series drops on Showmax today and the season contains eight episodes – perfect for a Monday binge!


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