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If you’re going to smash a burger into your face, let it be De Vrije Burger.

Chef Bertus Basson from Overture, Spek en Bone and Bertus Basson at Spice Route recently opened a new venture in Stellenbosch, shining a spotlight on the humble beef burger. I say humble, but in reality there is nothing basic or boring about the baps being served up from this tiny nook.

The menu has one thing: A beef burger (sorry vegans, vegetarians and gluten-intolerants), which is done really, really well. Oh, and a soft serve ice cream, which is on the house with your burger. And wine.

Yes, wine. Good wine.

But that’s it.

You have the option to take a plain De Vrije Burger, which I would recommend, or you can juice it up with some smoked chilli (be warned, it’s fierce) or melrose and biltong toppings. While you wait you can watch as the single Grill Master flips patties to perfection, and a few minutes later you’ll get your perfectly stacked indulgence wrapped in paper, ready to eat with plenty of mess and all ten fingers.

It is what dreams are made of.

The burger joint is a hole in the wall and while there are a few seats available inside and outside, it’s better to grab a takeout. And don’t go trying to be fancy with reservations and that type of nonsense, it’s just not that kind of place.

I love the simplicity of De Vrije Burger, combined with really cool designs and attention to detail. It might be just a burger spot but it’s a damn good burger spot. So next time you’re in Stellenbosch, make room for one of these bad boys.

A burger will cost about R75. For more, head to bertusbasson.com



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