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When was the last time you paid special attention to the area around your mouth?

In the beauty biz we talk a lot about protecting the eye area. The skin here is forever being stretched and scrunched up as we express ourselves, and with fewer oil glands than the rest of the face it is prone to moisture loss and dehydration. As a result we see early signs of ageing here first.

But what about the area around our lips? The lip area shows some of the most dramatic changes as we start to age. As skin sags we get those pronounced laugh lines, or those angry-looking marionette lines running from the corners of the mouth to the chin. You also get fine lines feathering out from the lip line, caused by smoking, puckering, drinking from straws or chewing the inside of your lips.

So it makes sense that this area needs some special TLC too.

I recently attended the launch of the new Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment (R980 for 10ml) where we were taught a few interesting facts about this facial region. While normal facial skin consists of 16 layers, lip skin consists of only 3-5 layers. Like the eye area, it is constantly moving. We express emotion, eat, drink or kiss, and all this causes wear and tear. Upon that our saliva dries out the natural oils in this area, and while we might apply balm on our lips, we don’t really think about the skin surrounding them.

So, what’s the solution?

Dermalogica has introduced their new targeted treatment that tackles lip lines specifically. The Nightly Lip Treatment works to counter the signs of ageing around the lips and the perioral area, smoothing laugh and feather lines while you sleep.

I think it’s a really clever addition to the standard anti-aging routine. You don’t really want to apply a highly active serum too close to the mouth because it could cause some irritation to the lip area. In my experience Vitamin A or C serums, for instance, often cause some inflammation and scaling if they get in contact with my lip line. At the same time you still want to give this region targeted attention since this is where the early signs of ageing show first.

Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment 9Lives 3 Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment 9Lives 4

How does it work?

The Nightly Lip Treatment contains Shea butter to repair the protective barrier of the skin and increase hydration. It also contains Sesame Seed Extract to target lines and wrinkles, and their Advanced Volumising Technology to smooth and plump up the lips. At the same time the treatment helps sooth irritation that could speed up ageing.

How to use it

To be clear, this is not a lip balm. I think of it as a serum for my lip area. You apply it around your lips, and any excess can then me massaged into the lips themselves.  You will apply this in the evening, after your toner and before your moisturiser. If you still feel you need extra hydration after that, you can apply a balm over it.

The product has a smooth metallic applicator that you can use to massage the product into the lip area. Push down to release product and then dot the treatment all around your lips. Use the applicator to work the product into the area surrounding your lips using circular motions, and then end by working any excess into your actual lips.

Dermalogica has developed a special massaging routine when using this product. Take a look below:

You can use this if you’re already spotting signs of ageing, or if you want to prevent them. Starting early will help to strengthen the skin in this area and delay premature ageing.

Curious to know if your lips are ageing you? Head to, upload a selfie and they will analyse your lips for you. Don’t pretend you aren’t curious.


One 9Lives reader will win a Dermalogica hamper worth R1540 with the new Nightly Lip Treatment and the Dermalogica Renewal Lip Complex. To enter:

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Entries close 20 July. 

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  1. Mia Joubert Reply

    The best thing I do with my lips is definitely kissing my boyfriend and cat ? or eating some ice cream from The Creamery ?

  2. jade abbott Reply

    The best thing I do with my lips is eating the food my bf cooks. he’s so good and it’s alway yummy meals when it’s his turn 🙂

  3. Jodi Gordon Reply

    Laughing is the best thing I do with my lips! A lifetime of laughs is worth the laugh lines ,but a little help would be appreciated ?

  4. Anusha Naidoo Reply

    The best thing I do with my lips is to SMILE I love to apply lipliner, lipstick and lipgloss. I love to give off my dimpled smile to everyone, after all a smile can make others smile, make them feel good ….my smile is enhanced by a beautiful lip colour and a smile.

  5. Heidi Sneddon Reply

    The best thing i do with my lips is kiss. I dont like kissing just any1. Close family and my husband of course. But most of all I love to kiss my dogs. I have 3 dogs and they get kisses everyday from me. They are literally like my children and i love showing them affection by kissing them???

  6. Charmaine balraj Reply

    My lips express my reactions .use my lips to kiss my hubby and smile .

  7. Rosha Chetty Reply

    I love my lips to indulge on decadent chocolate and candy. I have a sweet tooth. And my lips are used to satisfy my sugary needs. Oh almost forgot cake especially red velvet. The sweet taste of my sugary treats linger on my lips.

  8. Sharleen Deacon Reply

    Kissing my little grandson is the best thing i do with my lips

  9. The best thing I do with my lips? ? hmmm kissing, eating and deep yoga breathing

  10. Kristen Birch Reply

    The best thing to do with my lips is to use them to frame a big smile! I am a super optimist and I’d be lost without a constant smile on my face ?

  11. Laughing as much as possible! (And applying loads of lipbalm ?)

  12. Simone soupen Reply

    I use my lips to most things oral . The first thing a person looks at when you speak to them is your lips , and so often I notice other individuals lips before anything else and they probably are noticing mine . I work in an environment where I speak to over 50 people a day so first impressions count and i am always chatting away my lips continuously get dry and im always applying lip balm I can’t stand dry chapped lips it’s horrifying and uncomfortable especially in winter ❄️ ?

  13. Being Mandela Day today, I am reminded that one life can make a difference, therefore the best use for my lips I can think of is to frame the words of kindness that flow from my heart – beacuse we all know that kindness changes everything!

  14. Suzanne Cawood Reply

    Pull funny faces (including duck face) at the husband when he is trying to be serious ?

  15. Elsandra Gouws Reply

    I use my lips for sexy lipstick, to blow kisses, to drink wine and suck spaghetti!

  16. asha parbhoo Reply

    I kiss my kids until they say…”ok..that’s enough for now mom! “

  17. The thing I love most to do with my lips is spread some positivity through a simple SMILE!!! They do say that a smile is infectious – so one smile will always create another. #SmilingGirlsAreMostBeautiful

  18. The most fun thing I do with my lips is wear different colours of bold lipstick, matte finish or creamy or glossy, I love them all.

  19. I love my lips and enjoy putting on lipsticks/gloss BUT most importantly I use them to smile at people, those that I know and even at strangers…smiling conveys so much emotion and brings about a more positive attitude towards life…oh and I am never to old to smother my Mom with kisses. #NightlyLipTreatment #dermalogicasa

  20. Cathy Badenhorst Reply

    The best thing I do with my lips is using them to talk, laugh, smile and kiss and I could not imagine how life would be without them. The eyes may be the “windows to your soul” but your lips are the “gateway to your heart”

  21. definitely to wear bold red lipstick and to kiss…I am a kisser and hugger by nature #NightlyLipTreatment #dermalogicasa

  22. My favourite thing to do with my lips is to smother my adorable grandson with kisses (much to his dismay now that he is getting bigger) #NightlyLipTreatment #dermalogicasa

  23. I use them to laugh, smile and kiss and I cannot go without lipstick #NightlyLipTreatment #dermalogicasa

  24. Roxanne Chutthergoon Reply

    Kissing without a doubt 😉

    Shared on Twitter @Roxi_23

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