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I am pretty low-maintenance when it comes to a beauty routine. Who has time for lipliner and curling irons on a daily basis? I am, however, religious when it comes to skincare, especially proper cleansing.

That being said, I don’t want to spend ages each evening trying to remove stubborn mascara with cotton pads, wiping and holding and wiping and holding, hoping that I’ll still have lashes left by my 30th birthday.

A couple of years ago I tried the Dermalogica Precleanse Oil (my first experience with a cleansing oil) and my life changed! It was so incredibly easy to take off makeup – it literally just melted away as I massaged the silky liquid over my skin, inhaling the indulgent botanical scent. It knocked so much time and effort off my evening routine, and my skin was loving the nourishing, gentle cleanse.

Naturally I nearly fell off my chair when I heard that the iconic Precleanse Oil would be getting a sibling. So ladies and gents, say hello to the Dermalogica Precleanse Balm.

Why a balm?

Well have you ever travelled with an oil? It’s messy. No matter how securely you tighten that lid, oil has a way of creeping out and getting on everything (not that I mind really, this stuff smells insanely good). So a balm is so much more convenient.

Other than that, it’s really up to you. Personally I found that the Precleanse Balm and Oil are equally effective, it really just depends on what texture you prefer.

Dermalogica Precleanse Balm 9Lives

But why should you double cleanse?

The concept of double cleansing was pioneered by Dermalogica when the brand launched, though the actual Precleanse came later. Basically your standard cleansers just aren’t efficient enough to take off makeup, sunscreen, oil, and daily dirt all in one go (and any girl who has makeup stains on her towels knows the truth in this).

Cleansing oils and balms are a genius addition to your beauty routine because oil attracts oil. So longwear makeup, oils on your skin, water-resistant sunscreens and everything in between will break down when you use it, while a standard cleanser might take longer. Then you can follow with your normal cleanser to take off any residue, deeply cleanse and treat your skin for specific conditions.

How how does the Precleanse Balm work?

Essentially the Precleanse Balm works exactly the same as the Precleanse Oil. You’ll apply about an almond-size amount of product on dry skin, massaging it all over to break down makeup. I use it on my eyes as well without any issues, just be sure to remove contact lenses beforehand.

Once all your makeup has broken down, add a bit of water and the oil will turn into a milky emulsion. Give it another good rub-down, then rinse off and follow with a second cleanse.

The Precleanse Balm also comes with a soft, double-sided mitt that can be used with the balm for a more thorough cleanse.

But this is more than just a cleanser. The Precleanse balm contains a special Natural Biolipid complex that helps to reinforce the skin’s barrier while decreasing water loss, helping to keep your skin hydrated. They’ve also added Apricot Kernel Oil to help moisturise, and a blend of refreshing essential oils.

Can anyone use it?

Yes. The Precleanse oil and balm are both ideal for people who struggle with dry skin, but anyone can benefit from using it. It is a super gentle way of cleansing that melts off makeup without compromising your skin barrier.

And if you’re worried about using an oil on oily skin, remember that oil attracts oil, making this a great product to break down sticky sebum that might clog pores.

What does it cost?

The Dermalogica Precleanse Balm retails at R660 for 90ml (which will give you around 82 uses) or R210 for 15ml (which will give you 4 weeks of use). The mitt is included in the price of the full size product.


Win a Dermalogica hamper worth R1 240 with the new Dermalogica Precleanse balm and a 250ml Dermalogica cleanser of your choice. To enter, tell me why you need to double cleanse. Post your answers below or email sayhello@9lives.coza. Entries close 31 October 2017

This post was sponsored by Dermalogica


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  1. Bianca Balutto Reply

    I enjoy wearing a full face of makeup and always find it difficult to find the right product which removes all the makeup and leaves mu skin feeling clean and fresh and feel like this would be the perfect product to use.

  2. Unica Badenhorst Reply

    because i have dry skin and this would be a great win , one product finally that takes off make-up and sunscreen and dirt in one go. I need the i need to want this , being a mom of three the budget dont allow to always buy what we need as the kids and family needs comes first, by having this will not just save me money but time too as it is one product many uses. Please bless me with this love

  3. OMW – I tried a sample and its amazing! PLUS – that glove/scrubby thingy you get with it if you purchase it!! So just the standard cleanse, doesn’t remove all make up/dirt/oils etc – so the precleanse does the hard work first!

  4. Dominique dingemans Reply

    Because the usual standard cleanser doesn’t clean effectively enough to remove all the make up/ sunscreen / product applied. The second cleanse helps to remove all traces left behind 🙂
    ? Love Dermalogica’s pre cleanse oil, excited to try the balm!

  5. I have heard this product us the ‘bees knees’! I really do need to double cleanse as you said, “standard cleansers just aren’t efficient enough to take off makeup, sunscreen, oil, and daily dirt all in one go” Too often in the rush of cleansing and bed time the pillow the next morning has signs of the day before’s make up, clearly that needs to stop with the help of Dermalogica’s magic product!

  6. Mudassira khan Reply

    I heard alot about precleanse balm and i wear makeup plus i am a mom so i need a quick thing to clean my makeup and i think it will b perfect for me .hopw to win
    ??? crossed

  7. i have really oily skin and not forgetting my obsession with make up, its terrible when i have make up on and cause my skin gets oily it looks like the make up is melting off my face making me look like a complete clown. Using something like the precleanse balm will help exfoliate my skin keeping it glowy and looking fresh and also helping with my clowny effect after a long day of wearing makeup.

  8. Mudassira khan Reply

    Ive heard abt this beautiful product. I really need this in my life
    It will clean my makeup with leaving any residue and clean everything in once i steading of wiping of 2 3 times with the cotton pads
    Plus it will keep my skin hydrated
    Hope to win this beauty in my daily life
    ?? crossed

  9. Andri Groenewald Reply

    To get ALL the makeup and gross stuff off my face – I tend to pile it on during the day1

  10. I popped into the Dermalogica concept store in the V&A to find out specifically why double cleansing is necessary and i haven’t looked back since; most make-up products are partly or mainly oil based, and since oil binds to oil, using an oil based precleanse or balm assures that you first remove the layer of make-up or sebum build up from your face instead of just applying a cleanser and only cleansing part of your face because there is a barrier of make-up etc that isn’t removed first. Precleanse takes everything unnecessary oof the skins surface, a cleanser then cleans the skin without obstruction :). Huge Dermalogica fan and i support them whenever i can, but a girls’ gotta eat, so i can only afford new products once every few months .

  11. Letesha Korasie Reply

    Because standard cleansers aren’t efficient enough to take off make up, oil, and daily dirt in one go.

  12. Double cleasing has changed my skin game, getting the spf off after a long sweaty summers day- this sounds like the bizniz as it precleanses it protects your lipid barrier

  13. I need to because I work shifts in an outdoor operational area. So my skin needs the extra cleansing cause I slap on sunscreen daily, sometimes a couple of times a day, and the harsh Cape Town elements are not kind actually.

  14. I always double cleanse because it removes excess make up and dirt from the skin that the first wash didn’t! This prevents breakouts and just keeps skin cleaner

  15. Nicola Meyer Reply

    Double cleansing is important as you first need to remove most of your makeup and then with face wash/cleanser remove the rest. This will result in a properly cleansed face.


    Basically your standard cleansers just aren’t efficient enough to take off makeup, sunscreen, oil, and daily dirt all in one go (and anyone girl who has makeup stains on her towels know the truth in this).

  17. Janet W Perry Reply

    I would SCREAM if I won this! Firstly my skin is so dry that finding a cleanser that doesn’t make it drier is a challenge! Unlike almost everyone in the world, I hate cleansing waters….going through wads of cotton wool in each sitting and my skin still not feeling clean at the end of it, is not my idea of fun. As usual Dermalogica have outdone themselves and I’d love to try this amazing precleanser out??????

    • Janet W Perry Reply

      It’s important to double cleanse because standard cleansers aren’t efficient enough to take off makeup, sunscreen, oil, and daily dirt all in one go!!!! Yes I agree ?

  18. It would complete my dermalogica daily routine…I absolutely adore the pre cleanse and haven’t had a chance (or the $$$) to try out the sibling yet!

  19. Kelley Petersen Reply

    I have oily skin and I often wear make-up. I usually cleanse and scrub to remove the make-up, but it often hurts my skin, leaving my face inflamed & sensitive.

    I think I’ll definitely benefit from Dermalogica Precleanse balm because like you said oil attracts oil.

  20. I have just finished my bottle of micellar water and am desperate for something gentle on my combination skin to remove my make-up. I usually hate removing it, but Dermalogica products are so fun to use!

  21. Tania Brewis Reply

    Standard cleansers just aren’t efficient enough to take off makeup, sunscreen, oil, and daily dirt all in one go! And that’s the honest truth! I always have makeup on my towel after I cleansed my face.

  22. Lynnith Andreou Reply

    One needs to double cleanse as standard cleansers just aren’t efficient enough to take off makeup, sunscreen, oil, and daily dirt all in one go

  23. Would love top try this – currently ‘double cleansing’ with Bioderma’s micellar and a gel cleanser, but really want to try a balm.

    • Shameema Mohamed Reply


      We have to double cleanse because your standard cleanse isn’t enough to remove dirt, oils, sunscreen and make up and any other gunk in just one go.

      Pre cleansing cleans the pores throughly so that clogged pores are reduced considerably and …. so that pimples can be avoided.

  24. It’s the only way to really get our faces clean as one wash does not get all the dirt and makeup in one go. Love the idea of the balm!

  25. Shireen van der Bergh Reply

    Using regular or standard cleanser alone is not effective in removing all the dirt and product from your face. Using a precleanse followed by a second cleanse does the trick as it removes all traces of dirt and oil.
    Love this product ❤️

  26. Standard cleansers do not clean off sunscreen, makeup, oil and daily dirt in one go so this double cleansing Dermologica balm sounds absolutely perfect?

  27. Personally I need to get hold of this to make sure I still have lashes by my next birthday! Also, being a sunscreen wearing girl, I need the extra step in cleansing before the normal cleanser to make sure I actually get rid of all the product on my skin (and have seen in your video how amazing this works!)

  28. Would love to mix up my cleansing routine so I can freshen my face and complexion!

  29. I need to double cleanse because I’m outside a lot and I know lots of gunk gets stuck on my face and standard cleansers aren’t enough to remove makeup, sunscreen, oil, and daily dirt all at once.

  30. I feel like this was especially written for me!!! I am soooo over cleansing my face, only to end up with still more make-up on my towels. No matter how many different make-up removers, facial cleansers or wipes I use, the products remain on your face even after all the efforts you put in. No wonder our skin decides to strike every now and again with a full-on breakout. Our pores continue to be blocked. Thank you for this revelation of a product! I swear by Dermalogica and I would love to add this to my skin care regime.

  31. It’s important to double cleanse because, oils on your skin, water-resistant sunscreens and everything else will break down when you use an oil, while a standard cleanser might take longer to clean the skin.

  32. Nadia Barnard Reply


    Why I need to precleans…..simple really otherwise I get these nasty blackheads which I am afraid my fiancé notices when he comes in for a kiss. For this reason, I am religious about proper facial cleansing. Currently I am using an el cheapo and would LOVE the Dermalogica to do the job properly!

    So please….PICK ME!

  33. Hi,
    I have ALWAYS been crazy about Dermalogica products but could never afford them! SOOo I was super excited to find this competition 
    The benefits of double cleansing:
    • Maximizing the absorption and efficacy of your serums, oils and moisturizers.
    • Reducing breakouts, blackheads and blemishes
    • Brightening a dull complexion
    The fact that by double cleasening you get rid of sunscreen,makeup and all sorts of toxins makes me so excited about this products. You left looking and feeling amazing 

  34. Double cleansing helps break down & get rid of all the makeup, oils and water-resistant sunscreens on your skin. ???? My skin needs some TLC and i’ve always struggled to find a product that works. I battle breakouts & oily skin everyday. I think dermalogica might just be my saviour. I’ve only heard good things about it.

  35. Jyothi Laldas Reply

    I am a makeup lover and I often find that regular washing is not enough to remove all the makeup and properly cleanse the face. I have been searching for the perfect cleansing balm and I feel like this would check off all the boxes and more. Also Dermalogica is insanely great.

  36. Double cleanse is necessary because standard cleansers is not sufficient enough to remove make-up, sunscreen, oil and dirt (residue). I must be the biggest fan of double cleansing as it gives me a true feeling of skin refreshment! I would love to try out this product! ?

  37. Bernadette Hartwell Reply

    Double cleanse is necessary because standard cleansers is not sufficient enough to remove make-up, sunscreen, oil and dirt (residue). I must be the biggest fan of double cleansing as it gives me a true feeling of skin refreshment! I would love to try out this product! 

  38. I need to double cleanse because I live in an urban area where environmental gunk take a toll on my skin, I found that double cleansing helps combat pimples and helps keep a healthy skin. Using just one normal cleansing routine doesn’t really take off my armour of SPF and BB cream and waterproof mascara, one needs to pre cleanse with a oil or balm.

  39. Mudassira khan Reply

    Because ive a dry skin and my nose is v oily .and it will b great for me to win .and 1 product can cleanse ur makeup so quuick . I tried there sample and i just loved it . Would love to win ??

  40. Standard cleansers just aren’t efficient enough to take off makeup, sunscreen, oil, and daily dirt all in one go, so it should be done twice to remove all remaining residue after the first cleanse.

  41. Living in hot and humid Durbs I need that squeaky clean face feel but without the harsh, drying effects one gets from other cleaners. The dermalogica balm will get all traces of makeup and grime off and leave my face nice and comfortable.

  42. Monique Els Reply

    I need to double cleanse to ensure that my face is clean and that all my makeup is washed off. I always have to wash my face twice.

  43. Daphne Rampersad Reply

    I have combination to oily skin and really struggle with removal of my make up to a point that I spend hundreds of rands on makeup removal products that simply don’t work. The idea of using an oil cleanser on oily skin sounds mind boggling and hence I would love to try it… I would really love it to work!!

  44. Ronnae Elliott Reply

    I have sensitive but oily skin which is prone to acne breakouts, clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads. This would be a treat for my skin.

  45. I have always used and loved dermalogica. It really is the only product that’s nourishing and gentle enough on my skin which is very fair and sensitive. I would love to win the balm as I fibd most nights after wearing makeup- my skin becomes irritated and due to how dry it can get it starts to flake and break out. This would be an amazing product for me

  46. Roxie Mohan Makka Reply

    It is extremely important to double cleanse especially when you wear make up. Helps remove make up and then makes sure your face is clean. I tend to get hormonl acne so I need to double cleans.

  47. I wear makeup every day for work and taking it off is a pain. I have quite sensitive and reactive skin, so something soothing like a balm sounds wonderful! It’ll also be a nice accompaniment to the cream cleanser I already use.

  48. Erin pretorius Reply

    Oh man! This would be a dream to win.
    I have been using the precleanse for years now, can’t go anywhere without it. Traveling with the older bottle was quite challenging though ( picture wasted precleanse all over your bag), then they bought out the nifty open close lid which was a life saver. But then dermatologia bought out this dream product ( I’ve tried it once as a tester) and am desperate to get my hands on the mitt and product. My skin felt glorious. I’m very particular about what I put on my very sensitive skin. Please pick me ??????

  49. Melissa Newfeldt Reply

    I am a rep and it’s important to always look my best- that included a full face of make up! So double cleansing is soooooo important to keep my skin clean and healthy 🙂

  50. Hi Ms Liezel

    Love your blog with all the helpful reviews and advice. I’m caught in a horrible vicious cycle of using make up to hide away my bad skin (pimples, blackheads and scarring) but the more I cover up, the more I block my pores and the worse my skin gets 🙁 I would love to try Dermalogica as I’ve heard it’s effective but have it’s always been just out of budget so I would love to win this giveaway!

  51. Roanne Naidoo Reply

    I use make up daily, especially to cover up scars from a vehicle accident a I am very conscious of it hence my reason to pile on make up, I need to double cleanse to ensure that my make up is removed completely, no need to stress about blocked pores and pimples unexpectedly popping up, my skin will be cleaned and hydrated.
    A wonderful prize thank you, I found the review interesting and informative thank you for introducing this product I am sharing it with my friends.
    Love your blog and all the best

  52. Naomey Lottering Reply

    Because not all the makeup is removed the first time. The second cleanse will also make your skin moisturized.

  53. Philippa bergman Reply

    I wear a long lasting 25 hr foundation most days , and I know it needs more than one wash to remove to ensure all the makeup
    Is removed so my skin is clean to absorb it’s next step of moisturizer and serums

  54. Double cleansing has saved my skin! I use an oil cleanser first and then a foaming one, but as you said traveling with oil is a mare! A double cleanse is a must if you wear makeup and sunblock on the daily.

  55. Lené Scheepers Reply

    You NEED to double cleanse because standard cleansers aren’t efficient enough to take off our daily mask (sunscreen, primer, makeup, waterproof mascara, etc.). I would really love to give this product a go! I’ve been using makeup removing wipes for about 9 years and have recently been informed that it may cause wrinkles to form over time (due to harsh rubbing to remove eye makeup). Please pic me to improve my skincare routine 🙂

  56. Daniela Cardoso Reply

    awesome products. This would be ideal for me as I am always outdoors so I always wear sunscreen and find that there is always a slight residue remaining even after using a really good cleanser.

  57. One needs a double cleanse as standard cleansers are not efficient nor effective enough to remove makeup, sunscreen, oil, and daily dirt in a single cleanse. I tend not to wear a lot of makeup but do use a sunscreen daily and even that is difficult to remove in one cleanse. To have an effective cleanser would be wonderful.

  58. Double cleansing is important as the usual or standard cleansers are not effective enough to cleanse the face effectively, while oil attracts oil, using an oil cleanser is more effective in removing the residual of sunscreens and makeup ?. I would be over the moon if I could win his product as I have dry and sensitive skin and I am forever struggling with finding products that do not strip my skin and are not harsh especially with the cleansing step ?❤️?❤️?❤️?

  59. A standard cleanse is unable to remove all the build-up from make-up, sebum, sunscreen, pollutants etc. Thus, one needs to use the precleanse (oil-based product) is able to remove the excess build-up which a standard cleanse (water-based) is unable to do. The precleanse also helps your normal cleanser do a better job. Essentially double cleansing leaves your skin cleaner and healthier.

    Really great product, I was able to test it at a Dermalogica concept store this weekend. Would love to have it!

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