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This year we moved into a new office space in Stellenbosch, which didn’t have a built-in kitchen. When I found these pre-cut unassembled workbenches at Builders Warehouse I knew they would be perfect to create our own little setup. These are also fantastic if you want to add a kitchen island to your home, or you just need additional work surfaces.

I added wheels with brakes, which are great if you want to move the island around, and they lifted the bench to a more comfortable height. I also attached two kitchen rails with a couple of S-Hooks to keep kitchen towels, utensils and cutting boards at hand.

Read to get cracking?

Here’s what you’ll need

  • Unassembled Workbench 0.6×1.2m, R1300
  • Smith & Co Mineral Turpentine R27 for 750ml
  • Cloth, R22 for 400g
  • 1 liter Woodoc 10 sealer, R205
  • Woodoc stain concentrate in Oak, R40 for 20ml
  • Woodoc Steel Wool, R25
  • 1 liter Harlequin Chalk Paint in Oxford, R220
  • Harlequin finishing wax, R210 for 500g
  • x2 Academy Brushware Radiator Sponge Roller Sets, R75 each
  • Smith & Co Restorer Paint Brush 25mm, R33
  • x4 Castor 5omm soft wheels with brakes, 52 each
  • x2 350mm Kitchen Rails,  R200 each
  • Stainless steel S-hooks, R109 for pack of 5
  • Eureka Chipboard Screws 4x30mm R18 for pack of 25
  • Eureka 1GA30U Chipboard Full Thread Zp R20 for pack of 75
  • Blacksmith 25mm drill bit, R33 for set of 3

Start by packing out all the pieces of your workbench and make sure you know how it fits together. I recommend taking a picture of the assembled workbench in store to use as reference.

Seal your countertop:

Use a piece of your cloth and turpentine to clean all the wood.

Mix the Woodoc Stain Concentrate into the Woodoc 10 Sealer and stir well.

Use the sponge roller to spread it evenly over the top wooden piece on the counter. Keep adding to your first layer until you get a glossy finish. Allow the sealer to dry, then use your steel wool to gently buff it off. Repeat these steps, applying three layers of sealer.

Add some colour

Use a clean roller and your paint brush to apply two coats of Harlequin Chalk Paint to the rest of the workbench. Allow to dry and apply the finishing wax to seal the paint.

Assembly & finishing touches


Once all your pieces are finished, assemble the workbench.

Attach the wheels to the legs of the workbench.

Attach the kitchen rails to the sides of the workbench and use the S-hooks to hang cutting boards, cooking utensils and kitchen towels.

Do you have anything to ask or add? Pop your comments down below, I would love to hear from you.

This post was sponsored by Builders Warehouse


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