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I live in a fairly small Cape Town apartment which always seems like it’s filled with too much stuff. No matter how often I sort and throw out, I constantly struggle to find space for everything. I’ve had to find creative ways to stay organised, introducing clothing rails, hooks and shelves throughout my home.

A little while ago Builders got in touch and asked whether I wanted to create a DIY project for them. If you know me, you’ll understand that this made me all kinds of giddy. I can easily spend a good chunk of my Saturday thinking up creative solutions while strolling through those aisles of paint, screws and nails.

I wanted to create something super simple for girls like me who need help keeping their lives under control. This organiser can be used to hang up necklaces, hats, or your scarves. It is incredibly easy to make so you should manage even if you aren’t a DIY fundi.

What you need

1 meter  copper pipe, cut into 67cm and 33cm – you can have this done at your Builders store

Hillmark Metal Kleen & Polish, or any metal cleaner

3 pieces Krafft 2mm Single Jack Chain, or any chain that can fit through the copper pipe

2 packs Steelcraft stainless steel hooks

1 bottle Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover Paint and Primer in Satin Black, or your preferred shade and finish

1 decorative robe hook – make sure your chain links can hook over it when you purchase.

1 32mm steel nail

1 pack Builders Rope 7mm  x 15m. I chose a rustic hessian-style rope.

1 pack House of York wooden pegs

What do do

  1. Use a clean piece of rag to wipe off your copper pipe with the metal cleaner. You can remove any glue / stickers with turpentine.
  2. Combine two pieces of chain. Use pliers to bend open a link at the one end of the chain and hook it through the end of the other chain. Close the link again with your pliers.
  3. Loop the long chain through the longer piece of copper pipe to create a triangle shape.
  4. Loop the shorter chain through the short piece of pipe.
  5. Hang your S-Hooks over a piece of string (or on the washing line). Spray them with 2 coats of black metal paint. Leave to dry properly – this might take a good few hours / overnight.
  6. Hammer a decorative robe hook into the wall.
  7. Fix the two ends of the long chain over the tip of the hook, followed by the short chain.
  8. Hang the S-Hooks over the copper pipes, spreading them evenly for balance.
  9. If you want to hang hats, cut 2 one meter pieces of rope. Tie a hoop on one end of the rope and knot the other end. Pin your hats to the rope using wooden washing pegs.
  10. The smaller triangle is ideal for hanging necklaces. You can hang up scarves and hats on the larger triangle.

That is it!

Did you find this DIY helpful? I would love your feedback. Pop any thoughts, questions or recommendations in the comments section below.

This post was sponsored by Builders


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  1. Arlene Beukes Reply

    I LOVE this DIY organizer! I’m currently in the process of decluttering and this is the perfect solution for accessory clutter like necklaces and scarves.

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